This Lightweight Hair Gel Makes Updos Look Red Carpet-Ready

The best of February beauty, all right here.

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Ah, February — or, as it should be called, the month of endless Me-Time. Sure, there’s plenty of exciting activity going on throughout February, but with the shorter day count and still-blustery weather outside, it’s a perfect time to turn inward and focus on what really matters: yourself. While everyone’s version of self-pampering (it’s more indulgent and deliciously mindless compared to self-care) is different, there’s absolutely a new, game-changing lotion, lipstick, or hair treatment ready to take your beauty rituals to the next level. The best beauty products of February 2023 are varied in their uses, but all hone in on upgrading your existing routines to make them easier, calmer, and much more effective.

If you’re dedicating February to reining winter dryness in, new soothing treatments from Peach Slices and Paula’s Choice target irritation, redness, and moisture loss like a love letter to your skin. If your Valentine’s vibe leans more toward big sweeping gestures, it doesn’t get any grander than Guerlain’s impossibly luxe sculpting serum. The matte makeup craze is gaining critical mass with new blurring powders by Danessa Myricks that makes cheeks look full-on filtered, along with the triumphant return of liquid lipsticks, courtesy of MAC. And if you need a reminder to take it easy, OLAPLEX is putting an emphasis on clarifying, “detoxifying” products that leave you feeling light and free.

Ahead, TZR’s ever-growing list of February 2023’s best new beauty products.

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