The Genius Beauty Tip I Learned From My Mom That Still Serves Me As A Beauty Editor

Mother knows best.

Marina Liao
beauty tips from mom

For many, our mothers are often our first muses. They teach us valuable beauty lessons pertaining to makeup, skin care, and hair styling (and everything else for that matter) simply through their examples. While, over time, we slowly start to develop our own aesthetic and preferences, it’s likely one or two nuggets of those beauty tips from your mother will stick with you for the long haul.

Such is certainly the case for the TZR team. From sipping on hot lemon water first thing in the morning and always keeping your best lipstick handy as you walk out the door to never skipping on SPF, our mothers have bestowed some valuable beauty wisdom that has served us well over the course of our lives and careers.

“I've even gotten into the habit of spraying perfume at night after a shower despite the fact that I'm not going anywhere because, in my mother's words, ‘I want to smell good for myself,’” says TZR associate beauty news editor Annie Blay of the fragrance obsession she inherited from her mother.

“I've learned so much about beauty and self-care from my mom, and am grateful to have such an inspiring woman leading the way for my own beauty journey,” adds Faith Xue, BDG executive beauty director, who was taught the importance of regular at-home facials from her mother.

In honor of Mother’s Day, we salute the women who walked the beauty walk so we could run it. Ahead, the most valuable tips we got from our mommas.

Tip: Basic Skin Care Is Key

Hannah Baxter

"My mom always had a very healthy relationship with beauty and self-care, never putting too much emphasis on looking a certain way or trying too hard to fit a certain beauty standard. She taught my sister and I by example — washing her face morning and night, applying moisturizer, and always using sunscreen. Quality skin care took precedence over anything else. Makeup was just an accent if and when she felt like it — truly beholden to no one — and I'm grateful that I now see beauty that way, too. Thanks, Momma!" — Hannah Baxter, deputy beauty editor

Tip: Invest In The Right Scents

Annie Blay

As a child I'd always sneak into my mom's room when she wasn't home or just in a different room of the house. Part of me just liked that her room was bigger, but I mainly went in there to play around in her closet full of shoes, bags, and clothes and to marvel at the sizable selection of perfumes she kept on her dresser. She was always collecting perfumes, talking about scents she loved that had discontinued, and constantly gifting fragrance to others.

As I grew up and developed my own beauty signatures, I leaned more towards skin care and never gave much thought to perfume — that is until I looked at my own vanity one day and realized I was becoming a bit of a perfume-head. Subconsciously I adapted my mother's habit for collecting perfumes. My collection definitely rivals my mother's in size now, but I only have her to thank for that. Now we bond over our favorite scents and I send newly launched fragrances her way for thoughts often. I've even gotten into the habit of spraying perfume at night after a shower despite the fact that I'm not going anywhere because in my mother's words, "I want to smell good for myself." — Annie Blay, associate beauty shopping news editor

Tip: Indulge In At-Home Facials

Faith Xue

“I grew up watching my mother go through her meticulous, multiple-step skin care regimen every night. Her beauty routine was never about vanity — it was her moment for herself to unwind from a long day and a moment of self-care. She taught me the importance of toner (to balance the skin's pH!) and used to give me mini facials and apply a clay mask to me weekly when I was struggling with acne as a teenager; it was our special time to bond. She was also the first person I knew who gave herself at-home microcurrent facials — years before NuFace and ZIIIP became popular. I've learned so much about beauty and self-care from my mom, and am grateful to have such an inspiring woman leading the way for my own beauty journey.” — Faith Xue, BDG executive beauty director, lifestyle

Tip: It’s In The Water

Marina Liao

"Growing up, I would always wake up in the morning to a cup of hot water with a slice of lemon floating in it. My mom had read (somewhere on the internet) that drinking this mixture first thing in the AM would help clear out your digestive tract and set your system up for the day. Though I never fact-checked her and often rolled my eyes when she would press me to consume it, this one simple morning habit has stuck me with me ever since. Now, I can't start my day without a cup of hot water. Upon drinking it, I feel alert and comforted.

When I am traveling, especially, I've noticed this concoction helps me have regular bowel movements (a plus!). A few years ago, too, I learned this is how Gisele Bündchen starts her mornings, too, and that the easy drink's a ‘secret’ healthy habit many celebrities partake in. For those who want verified proof of the hot water with lemon health benefits, doctors have signed off on several, which include aiding your digestion and helping you stay hydrated. I guess moms are always right?" — Marina Liao, senior fashion news editor

Tip: Eat Your Veggies

Angela Melero

“As a kid, I naturally had an aversion to vegetables. So, to get me to eat my greens, my mother cleverly played to my vanity. ‘Broccoli makes you pretty, so eat all of it,’ she’d tell me at meals daily, changing the phrasing slightly depending on the veggie du jour on my plate. While clearly a ruse to persuade a Disney Princess-obsessed little girl to eat healthy, that phrase worked like a charm. It also stuck with me through the years — and takes on new, truthful meaning as an editor in the beauty and wellness space.

Indeed, as usual, mother really does know best: vegetables make you pretty! From the glowing benefits of broccoli to the skin-repairing properties of carrots, healthy eating absolutely does the body and skin some good. To this day, I make sure to include greens and root vegetables in every meal to keep my face and body on point. (Don’t tell my mother I said she was right all along. I’ll never hear the end of it.)” — Angela Melero, executive editor

Tip: Never Underestimate The Power Of Lipstick

Rebecca iloulian

My mom has always been a glamorous woman, especially when it comes to beauty and makeup (something I have definitely inherited from her). She never left the house without applying her lipstick, and always reminded me that a little bit of color on your lips goes a long way in looking more radiant and put together — even if wearing an otherwise simple look. While my teenage self didn't totally get it, my 29-year-old self always carries at least two lipstick shades in my bag. A girl needs options! Thanks for the expert beauty tip, momma! — Rebecca Iloulian, BDG director of newsletters and marketing

Tip: Wear Your Sunscreen

Maggie Haddad

For as long as I can remember, my mom has been vigilant about SPF. My siblings and I grew up competitively swimming, and summers meant long swim practices in outdoor pools. No matter how early our practice was, my mom made sure we had applied sunscreen and reapplied after getting out of the pool. She was always candid with my siblings and I about her experience with skin cancer, and she instilled in us the importance of taking care of your skin from a young age. As I've grown up, I've transitioned from drugstore sunscreen to SPF with skin care benefits. I recently fell in love with Supergoop's Glowscreen, so much so that I gifted one to my mom as well. It's just a small token of my appreciation for teaching me the importance of SPF at such a young age. — Maggie Haddad, senior strategist, social media

Tip: Keep The Tootsies Warm

Kathy Lee

“From when I was little, pregnant with my two kids, till now, the advice (ahem, demand) my mom gives me is to wear socks and keep my feet warm, even during the summer. I grew up in Southern California wearing flip flops so the thought of covering my feet all year didn’t cross my mind. My mom never explained to me why, just that it was important for my health. After some research on my end, according to Eastern medicine, the feet are an important part of your body that are connected to different organ systems, which can affect everything from your immune system to the quality of your sleep. After following my mom’s advice the past New York winters, I did notice that I didn’t get sick (I’m prone to getting a bad cold or flu each year) and I was less tired. Perhaps there’s some truth to it after all. I should have listened sooner.” — Kathy Lee, editor-in-chief

Tip: Bag Balm

Alison Syrett

“I’ve always had chronically dry skin on the back of my palms, and when things get really bad, no amount of mere lotion slathering works. What does help, however, is this little hack I learned from my mother: Slick your hands with a thick layer of cream or ointment and cover them with a pair of tube socks before going to sleep — that traps the moisture in, so in the morning you’ll have smooth, baby soft results. The best type of product to use? Something as reliable and no-nonsense as the treatment itself: this thick, soothing “bag balm” (its original intent was for the chapped udders of dairy cows, which may not be the most glamorous origin story but, oh man, does the stuff work), which was my mom's go-to. She still keeps a stash of it by her bed.” — Alison Syrett, deputy fashion editor