Beauty Products To Calm Your Nerves

If you’re like us, you’ll do anything to maintain the weekend’s calm, carefree vibes well into Monday and the impending work week. While we’re not always successful (a barrage of morning emails is usually to blame), we’ve noticed that employing an arsenal of products—ones with soothing ingredients such as sage, lavender and cucumber—tends to influence our stress levels for the better. Here, a survival kit of calm-inducing goods to kick off your week off right—couple this with a particularly namaste yoga class and you’re golden.


Keep Calm & Carry On

Relaxing Eye Mist

Not only can a soothing mist topically relieve signs of tired eyes, one infused with cucumber and sage serves as an aromatherapeutic pick-me-up throughout the workday.

Restorative Bath Treatment

As many of us are digitally dialed-in all day, every day, a detoxifying bath soak is a great way to unwind—this formula in particular is infused with clay, which is said to help in ridding the body of radiation emitted from electronics.

Nourishing Body Oils

Pamper yourself post-shower or bath with a nourishing body oil—massage it into tired or sore muscles while skin is still slightly damp to ensure optimal hydration. This trio is infused with delectable scents, which amplify their calming effect.

Healing Candle

To clear your space and rid any negative energy, a trusty sage candle is your friend. Light one while lounging in your bedroom or living area to reduce any residual stress from a trying workday.

Refreshing Atmosphere Mist

Freshen up your environment with an uplifting lavender mist. Spray throughout the air, and even onto any nearby linens, in your office or home.

Soothing Balm

For dry skin and any cuts, scrapes or irritations, keep a lavender salve nearby to soothe a myriad of woes. This aromatherapeutic balm can also aid in healing headaches when massaged into the head and temples.