Beautifully Organized: 10 Chic Ways To Clear Clutter

If you can’t see your bathroom counter due to an excess of expired mascara, half-empty lipstick tubes and last year’s BB cream, it’s time to clean house! Today, we show you a bounty of chic finds that are sure to motivate such a mission.

Discover 10 Chic Ways To Declutter

1. Mirrored Trays

Antique-style mirrored trays present a chic surface to set your perfumes and potions on; buy them new or find a vintage option at your local flea market.

2. Large Glass Jar

Perfect to hold everything from cotton balls to eye liner, this sleek clear jar will keep your cosmetics where you can see them.

3. Leopard Train Case

An extension of the current '90s revival, this leopard-print Caboodles case can go from your bathroom counter to a weekend trip effortlessly.

4. Triple Decker Shelf

This major space saver hangs over the back of your door to conveniently hold your powder room essentials.

5. Ceramic Zebra Tray

Equal parts fashionable and functional, this animal-print plate will add personality to any surface.

6. Clear Drawers

The key to utilizing all of your makeup is to keep it out in the open. This see-through set will ensure no favorite lipstick shade is forgotten!

7. Candle Jar

Recycle empty candle votives (place them in the freezer to harden leftover wax, then remove) and, voila, you've got a pretty container for your makeup brushes.

8. Wooden Jewelry Box

Put an eclectic, personal spin on your beauty storage with a cool jewelry box, like this lacquered chest, which is the perfect size to stow lipstick.

9. Souvenir Shot Glass

Have you accumulated shot glasses from your travels? They're a great place to stash your bobby pins!

10. Tiered Cake Plate

Make the most of vertical space by converting a tiered dessert server into a cosmetics valet.