Cool Off

by The Zoe Report

Puffy eyes making you pout? We sympathize! Dark circles can be quite the damper on your day. But don’t let a little case of tired eyes terrorize you, take charge! Arm your apertures with BAKEL’s award-winning anti-aging skincare. Supercharged with strictly active ingredients, Cool Eyes promises to provide results in their purest form.

This roller fights free radicals while revitalizing eyes with a refreshing cooling sensation. Its easy-to-use applicator is designed to ensure efficient absorption, allowing active agents to penetrate your pores. With the use of peptides proven to counteract the main causes of your puffy problems, even your darkest circle will see the light. Together with cleansing oil, anti-aging serum and a rich moisturizer, this treatment will complement your entire countenance. For best results, cover your eye contours in BAKEL’s calming cream both morning and night, and roll away your worn-out woes!

Availability: BAKEL Cool Eyes Eye Cream ($119). For additional information, visit Bakel.it.

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