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Augustinus Bader's Newest Product Quite Literally Rejuvenates Skin From The Inside Out

Say hello to glowing, healthy skin.

Courtesy of Augustinus Bader

Beauty aficionados are no stranger to Professor Augustinus Bader. Beyond his eponymous, celeb-loved skin care line, the industry leader is a biomedical scientist and physician — globally recognized for his stem cell research. His decades spent formulating medical-grade hydrogel for burn victims, particularly, its skin-repairing technology, has helped inspire his best-selling product range. The expert's latest creation, The SKIN dietary supplement, is a groundbreaking addition to his small-but-mighty line of topical products. Like his OG The Rich Cream and subsequent launches, it's backed by extensive data worthy of a science course of its own.

Skin care and beauty supplements are having a moment as of late, and claims run the gamut from promising everything from clearer skin to a lit-from-within glow. But what separates Bader's formula from the pack is that it's the first ingestible on the market to cater to all of the pillars contributing to a healthy complexion. It supports cell nutrition, cell energy, gut health, collagen synthesis, and optimized skin function, powered by a brand-new patent-pending blend dubbed ERC8. The scientist refers to these bio-optimized ingredients (vitamins, probiotics, prebiotics, adaptogens, anti-oxidants, and anti-inflammatories) as a form of “ingestible skincare.”

Courtesy of Augustinus Bader

Without getting way too science-y, the aforementioned ERC8 complex promotes cell mitophagy. For context, this sophisticated cellular process removes aged or dysfunctional mitochondria that cause signs of skin aging. (In other words, your topical skin care could never.) But beyond skin aging, The SKIN's 12-week trials and user results prove that this technology is also successful in evening skin tone, improving skin luminosity, reducing skin imperfections, and decreasing bloating.

To incorporate The SKIN into your everyday routine, Bader recommends consuming one sachet at the same time every day. Mix it into a smoothie, a cup of juice, or a room temp glass of water for those of you who embrace a no-fuss lifestyle. Worth noting, you don't have to worry about facing an unpleasant taste. Retailer Violet Grey compares it to a "watered down orange juice," which this writer deems crazy-accurate.

The skin care brand's new launch is available exclusively at luxury retailer Violet Grey. Shop The SKIN, ahead, along with a handful of other Augustinus Bader best-sellers.

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