Your Beauty Horoscope For April

by Stephanie Montes

New month, new opportunity to switch things up in your beauty routine. Here, find out what to expect from April and get our beauty tips for looking your best for the next 30 days. Teaser: You might be packing a travel beauty kit this month.


You’re setting high fitness goals for yourself this month, and you'll hit them. However, you’re going to have to shake your hesitancy about working out solo. Your friends won't seem interested at first but by the end of the month they'll see how great you look and decide to join in. You’ve always been a trendsetter–don’t stop now.


This month will be a bit shaky, so be sure to have a plan B before trying anything too drastic. Thinking about trying out the platinum blonde look? Instead, go for a few highlights to lighten things up for spring without going all the way. If you still want to go lighter after that, give it a month or so before taking the peroxide plunge.

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When it comes to your skin, you let even the tiniest imperfection freak you out. This month, your skin reacts in a harsh way to the climate change and leaves you feeling a little hopeless. Instead of reading too much into it, throw on a mask and relax.

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You're finding inspiration everywhere you turn this month. Use it to your advantage and try something new–like a fun hairstyle or a fresh take on a cat eye. Your friends, family and coworkers will take notice, which makes you more confident than ever.

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A new trend catches your eye on April 13 or 14. As most trends do, it fades quickly so only try it if it's something that can be easily washed out or cleaned off. Get a high-impact update without the commitment via a bold lip color or an unexpected eye shadow shade.

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Money is feeling tight this month so look for ways to be extra thrifty, especially on April 11 and 12. DIY a face mask or your own sugar scrub–your skin will look brighter than ever.


April 11 and 12 are your most powerful days of the month. Take this time to make a daring change to your look–it will be well worth it. Try a short haircut for spring or dye your hair a pastel shade for festival season. You're a creative spirit, so whatever you decide to do will suit you and look amazing.

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You always feel better when you do your part to help others, and this month is no exception. You’re feeling extra philanthropic in April but don’t know where to begin. Try stocking up on the best natural beauty buys that are good for you and good for the earth.

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The warmer temperatures have your head in the clouds this month–mostly dreaming about a tropical vacation. Book it (preferably at the end of the month), but not before you put together the perfect travel beauty kit.

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On April 4 and 5, you feel the urge to be out with the old and in with the new. Get your spring cleaning on and make sure to toss those old, expired beauty products while you’re at it.


You are in a no-nonsense mood on April 15 and 16. You want things done fast and you want them done right. Make sure your beauty routine is streamlined and that you're choosing beauty essentials that multitask.

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Your curiosity gets the best of you on April 24 and 25. Use this time to get answers to the burning beauty questions you have, like how to get rid of split ends without cutting your hair or how to get the closest shave for spring's minidresses.

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