Ode To Oil

by The Zoe Report

Your Team Zoe editors are steadfast beauty addicts. Satiating our habit can be a bit time consuming, but we simply enjoy every minute of it—especially when we find a product that’s truly one-of-a-kind, such as today’s top-notch brew: Absolution’s Addiction Night and Cream Oil.

An exclusive blend of 27 oils and natural flower extracts, Absolution’s Addiction serum (with a rather fitting name, we might add) provides your skin with all the necessary nutrients to balance and beautify your visage. No matter what aspect of your complexion you wish to improve—dryness, irritation, dullness or discomfort—this universally beneficial oil will give you what you’re looking for. Extremely versatile and valuable, the non-greasy formula with a luscious fragrance can easily be used during all seasons, day or night, depending on your needs. Looking to improve the state of your skin? Try Absolution’s blend for results you can’t miss!

Availability: Absolution Addiction Night & Day Face Oil ($80). For additional information, visit Absolution-cosmetics.com.