Get The Look From Rachel’s Spring 2015 Presentation

by Stephanie Montes

The beauty look at Rachel’s Spring 2015 collection preview was so MAJ we decided you should try it out this weekend. Our EIC was inspired by 1960s sophistication, infusing it with her signature bohemian style. L’Oréal Professionnel’s Pepper Pastor channeled Sharon Tate by creating the side-swiped pony and a braid for a modern feel. Butter London’s Katie Jane Hughes polished off the look with dewy skin, a clean cat eye and the perfect nude nail. Get step-by-steps of the entire look straight from the experts.

The Pretty Pony

Step 1

Start by blow-drying hair with a boar brush, beginning at the roots and pulling tautly to straighten as you dry. Adding a volumizing mousse or a thickening primer to damp hair will give you an extra lift at the root.

Step 2

Part hair down the middle and across the crown to divide into two sections. One inch behind these, create two more sections and separate with pins. A volumizing spritz gives you a subtle '60s lift at the crown.

Step 3

French-braid both middle sections to the ear and continue plaiting until you reach the ends. Secure with an elastic.

Step 4

Pull back section and tie into a smooth, low pony. Loosely cross front sections and braids over the base of pony and pin to secure. Repeat on other side creating an X with both sections and spritz with strong hold spray.

Step 5

With the crossing sections, create a new braid and let it hang down the pony. Secure with an elastic and spritz with a shine spray.

The Clean Face

After prepping the skin with your go-to moisturizer and light foundation, highlight with a cream shadow on the bridge of the nose and top of the cupid’s bow for a healthy glow.

For a dewy highlight, mix a cream blush with your favorite face oil and gently apply to the cheekbones.

Mix a cream shadow with concealer and apply to the inner eyes to brighten.

Use a black liner pencil to create a smudged cat eye and liquid liner to define it. After curling lashes, apply a black mascara, focusing on the outer edge of the top lashes. Tightline outside of the top lash line with your black pencil.

With a clean wand from your brown mascara, comb through brows to give natural color and definition.

Layer an apricot colored lip balm and your cream blush for a natural-colored lip.

Gorgeous Nude Nails

Apply two coats of nude lacquer to all nails.

Next, apply a coat of Butter London’s Nail Foundation Flawless Basecoat to soften and even out the color.

Lastly, top the nail off with Butter London’s Nail 999 Basecoat to give a creamy and shiny final effect.