Calling It Now — These Are The Hair Colors Everyone Will Be Trying In 2023

Get ahead of the curve.

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It’s true — there is no crystal ball that can predict specific beauty trends for the next year. But there are expert, celebrity-beloved colorists with a keen eye for spotting (and even creating) hair color trends months before they happen. As everyone starts setting their sights on a fresh look for the holiday season, go a bit further and start plotting your next moves for the new year ahead. Who doesn’t like to be ahead of the curve — or at least ahead of TikTok? Hair color trends for 2023 capture all the excitement of this year’s biggest shades and color techniques, but even more amplified and vibrant. If you’ve been toying with the idea of a full-scale aesthetic overhaul, consider these rich colors the perfect place to start.

Muted, low-key shades of blonde and brunette are giving way to bright, dimensional shades that can turn anyone into the proverbial main character, while the celeb-favorite copper craze shows no signs of going anywhere — but not without a few exciting twists. Ahead, TZR turns to three top hairstylists for their expert insight on exactly which hair colors will rule 2023. And remember, there’s nothing stopping you from going for them now.

Brunette Trends For 2023

First thing’s first — to establish what trends are coming down the pike, it’s crucial to know which are on their way out. While there are no rules in beauty — and certainly none when it comes to your personal hair color — there are shades and techniques that naturally crest and fall in popularity. According to Reece Walker, a top-rated colorist and stylist who’s worked with stars like Victoria Beckham and Bella Hadid, expect to see a move toward vibrant warm tones that feel raw and real and away from icy-cool shades and ash-based colors. “Rich warmer, browns and bronds are here to stay,” he confirms, pointing to cozy chocolate and hint-of-honey golden-hued brunettes for 2023. “Celebs like Hailey Bieber and Kendall Jenner started the trend, I'm finding more and more girls are taking the plunge.”

The Bieber Effect appears to be everywhere. Jason Lee, hairstylist, colorist, and founder of Mela & Kera haircare, says Hailey Bieber’s hair is actually the most-requested brunette shade these days. “It’s a combination of a beautiful iced chocolate brown that allows for a very subtle light golden balayage to peak through to allow for dimension in the hair.” A perfect in-between shade for the beauty non-committal types.


Speaking of hybrid hair colors, get ready for the newest, retro-inspired fusion to sweep salons. Lee says there’s been a huge spike in requests for brunettes with red tones and hues added in, which he thinks could be attributed to the recent ‘90s beauty resurgence. He calls “chocolate cherry” one of the top shades for 2023. “For those of us who aren’t ready to take the full plunge into red, chocolate cherry seems to be a great way to update your look and make it modern but still living in the brunette world.”

Blonde Trends For 2023

The warm-toned theme continues with next year’s top blonde shades, but there’s still plenty of more muted versions on the horizon, too. Earthy, natural-looking “mushroom blonde” is back for next year, Lee tells TZR, as well as sparkling, pearlescent “champagne blonde” — he lists Taylor Swift and Cara Delevingne as respective examples. “Champagne blonde tends to be a mixture between warmer and cooler tones throughout the hair creating more of a champagne,” he explains, adding that the pearl-like hues can be achieved with a gloss.

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On the fully-warm spectrum, colorist and IGK co-founder Chase Kusero expects 2023 to hold an evolution of the bright, summery balayages so popular this year. “These buttery blonde tones are highlighted by darker bases, creating rich contrast and a warm, autumnal glow,” says Kusero, who’s worked with Sofia Richie and Florence Pugh, and “because there are so many options, this look can work great for anyone.” He does point out that while it’s totally suitable for all hair types and textures, it’s important to talk with your stylist about how you most often wear your hair day-to-day.

Red Trends For 2023

If you’ve been considering taking the redhead plunge for a while now, Walker encourages you to give it a go. Part of the reason copper-colored reds are still so big (for the third year running) is in large part thanks to how flattering it is on a wide range of skin tones and undertones. “It suits more people than you'd think,” he assures. Beyond celebrity-favorite coppers, Lee says classic auburn — often called cinnamon or a spiced red — is taking center stage, too. He advises always finishing with a gloss to lock in tone and serious shine.

Finding your perfect red may take a bit of work, though. Kusero says a general rule of thumb is that lighter skin tones typically gel better with lighter, more golden-toned reds, while deep skin tones are glorified by rich, berry-toned reds rife with dimensional cool tones. “All over colors can be low maintenance, depending on the contrast with your natural hair color,” he adds. “The closer to your natural hair color, the less you will notice the new growth.”

Maintaining Your Color

You pay good money for amazing hair color, so it’s important to protect your investment with protective products designed to extend the life and vibrancy — and that goes double for richer tones, which can fade fast. Lee explains that most modern techniques involving balayage or more subtle, painted-on color use a considerable amount of toner, which tends to make the finished look permanent. “The proper shampoos that won’t strip out your color as well as products that help to protect against heat and treat your hair to ensure longer lasting color,” he says. “The less dry your hair is, the less roughed up it is, the longer your color will last.” He points to his personally-developed Mela & Kera Balayage Exceptionnel Shampoo & Conditioner, formulated to smooth and lock the cuticle to maintain that back-from-the-salon look.

To keep the color even stronger between appointments, Kusero suggests color-depositing masks and conditioners, including the ultra-hydrating IGK Color Depositing Masks. Not only do the these types of masks add moisture and shine while boosting color, but they get rid of unwanted tones that can creep in over time.

Color loss prevention can go a long way, too. Walker recommends washing color-treated hair no more than twice per week, and warns against excessive heat damage that can leave hair dry, discolored, or dull. Remember to always use a heat protectant, and treat your hair the way you would a luxe, expensive fabric. In a way, it kind of is.

We may receive a portion of sales if you purchase a product through a link in this article.