The Zoe Report Presents The 2018 Beauty Awards

The Beauty Industry is all about reinvention, so keeping up with the latest and greatest releases is a full-time job. More accurately, it’s our full-time job, which is why we’re sharing the best new products across the categories of hair, makeup, and skin care. We also tapped a few of our favorite professionals to share the picks that made it into their kits this year, along with some genius, time-saving tips.

Our judges run the gamut from glitter-obsessives to devout disciples of the barefaced movement. Fittingly, these award-winning picks are diverse, but equally game-changing.

Self-Tanning Drops in Green

Isle Of Paradise

"This is the first color-correcting tanning line, plus it's 100 percent organic. The green drops are formulated to reduce redness, calm the skin, and give you a medium glow. You can travel with them and add them to your regular moisturizer. It's my alternative to foundation." — Nicky Deam

Supermoon Bronzer & Glow Palette

Lune + Aster

"I've recently gotten into highlighter, and this new trio is perfect for customizing a glow. I use it in place of blush when I want to keep my makeup routine as simple as possible, but still look refreshed and glowing." — Laura Lajiness

Lash Slick


"I am OBSESSED with this mascara. People ask me if my lashes are fake when I wear it, because it doesn't look clumpy but still adds serious length and subtle volume." — Julia Weiner

Anti-Fatigue Under Eye Primer


"I'm never one to use a primer, but I really think this one helps brighten!" — Lauren Caruso

Lip Velvet Crush Sheer Matte Lip Stain


"Lipstick is the one makeup product I can’t get enough of (I literally have a drawer underneath my bed dedicated to my favorite shades), and I fell hard and fast for this lightweight, matte stain from Burberry. The formula is rich and creamy upon contact, but it quickly dries into a comfortable, matte wash that lasts through my morning coffee and lunch." — Ruby Buddemeyer

Complexion Rescue Defense Radiant Protective Veil


"I have a lot of redness in my skin, and it pretty much always shows through no matter what foundation I use. This product actually masks my redness, adds some much-needed radiance, and protects my skin from the sun — I'm obsessed." — Anna Buckman

Killawatt Foil Freestyle Highlighter Duo

Fenty Beauty

If you saw me at any point this summer, then I probably had this on my face. Pink highlighter isn't necessarily meant to be conventional, but I found myself sweeping on Sangria Sunset (the hot pink) nearly every day. It's sheer enough to be worn as a blush, and buildable enough for a gleaming highlight when the opportunity arises.

Firm Flesh Thickstick Foundation


"Another staple in my makeup bag, this lightweight, blendable foundation is perfect for mid-day touchups or right before I dash to an after-work event or meeting. I just swipe, blend, and go. I don't have to worry about chalky, uneven color or anything! The creamy texture melts nicely into my skin and looks nice and au naturel." — Angela Melero

Nail Polish In Relic

J. Hannah

"I love J. Hannah's Nail Polish all round, but my favorite color right now is Relic. It is my go-to summer and fall color. It is the perfect yellow shade that pops with my skin tone!" — Mecca Williams

Flawless Fusion Ultra Longwear Concealer

Laura Mercier

"I don't wear much makeup on a daily basis, but every time a red spot is bugging me, I turn to Laura Mercier's concealer. Just a small spot, and it stays on all day." — Aemilia Madden

Dirty Penny Glitter

Lemonhead LA

"I love to experiment with glitter, and this is a super cool brand I discovered that I am loving. I actually used these on Beyoncé at Coachella!" — Sir John

Healthy, cooperative hair is a universal beauty goal, whether you strive for air-dried nonchalance, perfect coils, or a voluminous blowout. These winning products and tools efficiently deliver both immediate and long-lasting benefits.

Ultra Light Pro Hairdryer

Harry Josh

"I've been a die-hard Harry Josh fan since getting my first blow dryer a few years ago. It cut my drying time in half and my hair is a lot less damaged and so much smoother as a result. I didn't think the brand could do better, but lo and behold this new ultra light dryer made me adore the brand even more. It's energy efficient and great for travel, too (because I definitely don't go anywhere without it)." — Laura Lajiness

Oribe Serene Scalp Balancing Conditioner


"I’ve never seen a dry scalp or dandruff conditioner nearly as chic as this new release from Oribe — the millennial pink bottle sits pretty in my shower and hydrates and soothes my itchy scalp." — Ruby Buddemeyer

Restore Mask Treatment

Living Proof

"I share this secret with everyone who feels like their hair seems fried or damaged. It's just a little extra boost compared to my normal conditioner. It's easy and works wonders." — Julia Weiner

Gloss & Repair Spray


"It's lighter than a hair oil, but more effective than most pomade-type products. It makes my hair a little slippery and shiny." — Lauren Caruso

Mixed Feelings Leave-In Blonde Toning Drops


"As a blonde, I'm constantly fighting brassiness. I mix a few drops of this into my leave-in conditioner and it perks my highlights right up." — Nicky Deam

Television Perfect Hair Shampoo


"My hair has recently become very dry, and I've been trying all kinds of shampoos to get it back to its previously hydrated state. Luckily, this shampoo has transformed my hair and made it soft and much less frizzy!" — Anna Buckman

True Textures Perfect Coil Oil Gel


"When I’m wearing my natural hair, I prefer to wash-and-go (co-wash in the shower, use a styler to enhance my curls, and air-dry during the day). But sometimes, curl creams don’t give me the definition that I need… and gels tend to flake. The coconut, marula, and olive oils in this formula gives me good slip and shine, and brings every coil on my head to life." — Khalea Underwood

Scalp Detox

Bumble & Bumble

"I don't wash my hair every day. In fact, I wash it about every three days, so by day three, the buildup of dry shampoo, texturizing spray, and everything else can be pretty rough. I discovered this detox foam earlier this year and am literally obsessed. It really helps slough away all the dirt, sweat, and product buildup on my scalp and leaves it feeling squeaky clean." — Angela Melero

No. 4 Bond Maintenance™ Shampoo


"As both a natural and bottle blonde (gotta keep up those highlights!), maintaining hair strength and health is key for me. I fell in love with Olaxplex's products after underoing their in-salon treatments to repair my locks after going platinum. They truly transformed my hair. I use this at-home shampoo to help moisturize and restore what could easily become damaged locks, which can be used without undergoing the salon treatments." — Aemilia Madden

Volumizing Hair Spray


"This hair spray is everything! It adds a lot of volume and holds curls super well." — Shani Darden

For anyone who has looked at a child’s skin and felt a pang of (shameful) jealousy, this category is for you. A radiant complexion takes diligent maintenance. Our winners span a breadth of cutting-edge serums, gadgets, masks, and treatments sure to bolster any regimen.

Image Skincare Daily Hydrating Moisturizer SPF 30


"I'm obsessed with sun protection as I am very fair, have sensitive skin, and conscious of the long-term damaging effects the sun has on my skin. This formula is paraben-free, mineral-based, and contains a zinc oxide that absorbs quickly into the skin for broad-spectrum UVA/UVB protection. It's super lightweight and smells incredible, too. It's perfect for everyone, but especially for those with sensitive skin." — Laura Lajiness

Take The Day Off Cleansing Balm


"I swear by using this morning and night because the thicker consistency clings to and removes dirt and makeup that regular cleansers or a makeup wipes leave behind." — Julia Weiner

Texture Reform Gentle Resurfacing Serum

Shani Darden

"I've always been intimidated by retinol because I have sensitive skin, but this new formulation gently delivers all the same benefits without the irritation. I use it at night under a moisturizer to keep my skin hydrated." — Nicky Deam



"This liquid exfoliator is a great alternative to the onion-scented Biologique Recherche P50, and although it isn't as intense a chemical exfoliator as P50, it definitely helps keep my pores looking smaller." — Lauren Caruso

Auto Correct Brightening And Depuffing Eye Contour Cream

Sunday Riley

"Until I got my hands on Sunday Riley’s Auto Correct, I was of the belief that eye creams were a gimmick (yes, the skin surrounding your eyes is delicate, but does it really need its own moisturizer?). This caffeine-spiked formula has certainly proved me wrong, considering a tiny dollop is all it takes to tighten and plump my tired, puffy eyes." — Ruby Buddemeyer

Anti-Pollution Drops

Dr Barbara Sturm

"I love to put a few drops of this under my moisturizer [before I leave in the morning] to protect against pollution damage. It makes me feel like I'm adding an extra layer of protection to my skin, and I also feel like it gives my face some added dew (an unexpected but welcome bonus)." — Anna Buckman

Buttermask For Lips


"If you're a matte lipstick fiend like I am, then you know how tough it is to achieve a velvety finish when your lips are cracked. Whenever I slather some of this coconut oil and mango butter treatment on at night, my lips are insanely soft (and smoochable) the next morning." — Khalea Underwood

Derma Roller


"After a jade roller, a derma roller is my next favorite — the ORA one is perfect, not being too harsh on my soft skin. I use this tool only when I am in-between facials or if my skin therapist is overbooked. It works great at plumping my skin, removing any blemishes, and targeting fine lines. After using this tool, I try to give my face moisture to balance out the process." — Mecca Williams

Elevator Music Hand Cream

Byredo x Off-White

"When Byredo announced its collaboration with Off-White, I was instantly intrigued. With a name like "Elevator Music" how can you not be curious? I love the scent and have been using the hand cream regularly." — Aemilia Madden

Voyage Tri Light


"I live for Friday nights, because at 32, I've made them my self-care/pampering nights that involve pizza, wine, and all my favorite skincare products that I'm too busy to break out during the week. I love pairing this tri-light device with my fave serum or moisturizer and giving myself a mini facial. After just 10 minutes, my skin looks and feels more radiant and supple. It's become a vital part of my Friday night ritual!" — Angela Melero

AHA Treatment Solution

Malin + Goetz

"My skin has a tendency to get oily, especially in the summer. This product helps to minimize the appearance of my pores, keep oil at bay, and smooth my skin." — Naomi Yasuda

Jet Lag Mask

Summer Fridays

"This mask rehydrates my skin to another level, and I am obsessed. I apply it on planes or any day when I need a little help to look alive because it removes any puffiness and refreshes tired skin." — Jen Atkin

Even world-class professionals swear by affordable beauty buys (just check out our experts’ picks for proof). Ranging from face primers to body exfoliators, these winners are instant classics that retail for $30 or less.

Rehab Roller Under Eye Moisturizer

Rebels Refinery

"I rarely wear eye cream. In a effort to get myself in a regular routine, I went with a natural formula that's super affordable in case I didn't love it. Turns out, it's awesome! It de-puffs my eyes in the morning and feels super lightweight under makeup." — Laura Lajiness

La Roche Posay Hyalu B5 Hylauronic Acid Serum


"This serum is ultra hydrating and contains vitamin B5 for super glowy skin. I wear it alone instead of moisturizer." — Julia Weiner

Lumify Redness Reliever Eye Drops


"I've worn contacts since I was 11 and have really sensitive eyes that are constantly red from strain (thanks, technology, air conditioning, and dry air). This new formula lasts for 8 hours and doesn't use the harmful redness-correcting science of every other over-the-counter eye drop — which means your eyes aren't twice as red when they wear off." — Nicky Deam

Maybelline New York Total Temptation Mascara


"This mascara separates and lengthens, but doesn't budge!" — Lauren Caruso

Good Skin Day Drench & Nourish Sheet Mask

Peach & Lily

"When it comes to affordable beauty brands, Peach & Lily is one of my favorites. And as a sucker for staying in on Friday and wearing a sheet mask, these have become my go-to." — Aemilia Madden

Detoxifying Charcoal Zit Zapping Dots

Yes To Tomatoes

"My face has been oily for as long as I can remember, and has been prone to breakouts and clogging since I was a teenager. I rely on detoxifying facial masks to zap my pores of dirt and oil, but sometimes breakouts are unavoidable. When I feel one coming on, I wear one of these stickers to bed, and they work wonders." — Angela Melero

100% Virgin Coconut Oil Leave-In Treatment

Shea Moisture

"Hair care is super important to me — and my flourishing afro. I always am on the search for a leave-in condition that nourishes my curls and helps keep my styles fresh. I use this leave-in condition in between styles to re-fresh them, and for a 'wash-and-go' option as well! It leaves my hair feeling and looking healthy and bountiful!" — Mecca Williams

Can't Stop Won't Stop Matte Primer


"On the rare occasions I do opt to wear foundation, I absolutely need a primer to cut back on shine. Otherwise, it’ll just slide off my face and land in a big oily puddle. NYX’s new primer works just as well as the prestige brands — it sinks into my skin, minimizes my pores, and goes on insanely smooth." — Khalea Underwood

Body Polish Kiwi Seeds And Cool Aloe


"I'm always looking for a body exfoliator that will get rid of dead skin without being too rough or drying, and this stuff does it all. It leaves my body smooth and moisturized without any redness!" — Anna Buckman

No-Frizz Instant De-Frizzer

Living Proof

"My short, wavy hair does not agree with humidity (or any weather, for that matter), but a quick spritz of this conditioning spray ensures that it doesn’t frizz and poof the second I walk out the door. Bonus: The spray leaves my hair smelling ridiculously good between washes." — Ruby Buddemeyer

Insta Dry x Crayola

Sally Hansen

"Sally Hansen collaborated with Crayola, so the colors in this collection are, like crayons, saturated and amazing! The polish really does dry in 60 seconds as promised. It is perfect for a last minute mani and pedi!" — Naomi Yasuda

Havana x Camila Cabello Lip Dew


"These glosses are so bomb right now. I love their texture because they have a sheer pop of color, and the applicator is a jumbo wand, which is my favorite." — Sir John

Star Eye Masks

KNC Beauty

"I use these cute, all-natural retinol KNC eye masks at night to help prevent puffiness and fine lines." — Jen Atkin

Honest Beauty Extreme Length Mascara & Primer


"This is the best mascara I’ve ever used! It makes your lashes long and full without clumping." — Shani Darden