With access to the newest releases from the best emerging and established beauty brands, our editorial team has selected every Beauty Award-winning product on our list by hand. From primers that keep their makeup in place for long days of appointments, fashion shows, and events to hair products that cultivate coveted, healthy curls, they’ve upended their makeup kits and cleared their vanities to test run every item on the list. Get to know their individual beauty philosophies and personal favorites below.

Aemilia Madden

Senior Fashion Editor

"I'm willing to shell out for nicer beauty products, prioritizing natural beauty, because I buy them infrequently. I'm relatively low maintenance, but I believe in sunscreen and a great moisturizer, and still like to get creative with makeup every once in a while."

Aemilia's Picks

Angela Melero

Senior West Coast Editor

"I'm a girl's girl to the extreme and have gravitated toward color and shimmering textures since I was 15. While my 9-5 makeup is pretty simple in terms of foundation and shadow, I feel the most myself when I have a pop of color worked into my makeup routine, and a fun lip is my makeup drug of choice all day, every day."

Angela's Picks

Anna Buckman

Shopping News Editor

"I'm pretty lazy when it comes to skincare and makeup, so I stick to a few products that calm and disguise my sensitive and very red skin. I'm pretty much the same when it comes to my hair — it's dry, thick, and falls flat quickly, so I usually only use one or two products in it that will give it volume and add hydration."

Anna's Picks

Julia Weiner

Contributing Editor

"I like makeup that is quick and easy to use and aim to accentuate my natural features with products like bronzer, lip stain, and cream highlighter. My beauty icons include J.Lo and Yara Shahidi, as they both constantly have a natural looking glow."

Khalea Underwood

Beauty Editor

"I'm such a creature of habit when it comes to beauty. In this industry, we're privileged to get hordes of samples every day — but I prefer sticking to a handful of straightforward, high-performance products that do the job in a few easy steps and work for day and night."

Khalea's Picks

Laura Lajiness

Contributing Editor

"If there is a deal to be had, I will find it! I'm always making edits to my skincare regimen to get the holy-grail glow and while I don't skimp when it comes to products, I try to be as budget-conscious as possible."

Laura's Picks

Lauren Caruso

Managing Editor

"I spend about 20-30 minutes per day on my skin in the form of cleansing, exfoliating, masking, and applying products like toner, serums, and moisturizers, but I usually do my makeup — which means putting on tinted moisturizer, filling in my brows, concealing where necessary, swiping on mascara, and finishing with a bit of highlighter at my high points — in about 5 minutes flat. I'm pretty similar with my hair: I mask once or twice a week and get regular haircuts, but I spend about five minutes blowdrying, another 30 seconds pinning it into two milkmaid twists, and then I take it down and spray in some texturizer before running out the door."

Mecca Williams

Contributing Market Editor

"I try and always do a bright lip or bold eye when going out, and right now I am obsessed with glossy lids, lined lips, and geometric eye makeup. I don't wear foundation, so that keeps my cleaning routine to a minimum and thanks to small pores my skin is pretty easy. I try and clean my face 3/4 times a week, or everyday if I wear any blush or shadows, and I have finally found an amazing skin therapist, Sam of Dermasaa, who has showed me how to revitalize my skin and keep it healthy through the changing seasons."

Mecca's Picks

Nicky Deam

Contributing Style Director

"I'm fair skinned but I gravitate towards sheer, moody colors when it comes to makeup. Berry lip stains and dirty mauve cream blushes are my stalwarts. I won't leave home without sunscreen and undereye concealer and I swear by regular highlights and hydrating hair products. There's also no skincare gadget I won't try — I'm particularly partial to LED light masks and microcurrent tools and am in the process of making my entire routine organic."

Nicky's Picks

Ruby Buddemeyer

Associate Celebrity Editor

"My favorite part of my day is the very second I get to wash my face and slather on my favorite serums and moisturizers. My hair and makeup routines are minimal, but I have a penchant for all things skin care. I experiment with new products frequently, but I have a strict criteria for what formulas earn a permanent spot in my lineup."

Ruby's Picks