The Travel Essential Every Smart Girl Needs

Calling all savvy travelers! You’re way ahead of the pack with your TSA PreCheck and wallet flush with international currency, but your jet-setting travel bag is in dire need of an update. Design-smart and tech-savvy startup Raden has just released a sleek line of suitcases equipped with a phone charging station, tracking device and a genius app to sync all your travel info. Made from the lightest materials on the market, the 22-inch carry-on ($295) and the 28-inch case ($395) come in fashion-forward colors like blush, lavender and powder blue—in addition to glossy black. Here, 3 key features from the new line sure to make you rethink how you’re spending your tax return.

1. You’ll never have overweight luggage again.

Ever had the experience of tearing apart your bag at the check-in counter because it’s three pounds overweight? Raden’s technology not only gives you the weight of your packed bag via the app but also lets you know how much your particular airline charges if you do go over. What’s more, the app will give you estimated travel time to the airport, current TSA wait times, relevant flight details and weather conditions.

2. Your cell phone will always be charged.

Arriving at your destination with a depleted phone can present serious travel dilemmas. (How do you connect with Uber? What address are you going to? How to say please in Chinese?) Two built-in battery stations ensure you’re covered—with enough juice to charge your phone four times.

3. You can find your lost luggage before the airline does.

When an airline loses your bag, it can ruin your trip. Instead of spending endless frustrating hours on the phone you can track its location yourself using the app.

Raden 22-inch carry-on ($295) and 28-inch suitcase ($395).

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