What Exactly Is Office-Appropriate Jewelry?

Splurging on jewelry is easier to justify if you can wear it every day—including those long hours you spend at work. To help navigate the fine line between fabulous jewelry trends and pieces that are also office-appropriate, we enlisted Ali Galgano, Founder & CEO of Charm & Chain (one of our favorite jewelry destinations for all things bling). Here, sound advice from a total jewelry pro.

How To Accessorize At The Office

Photo: @charmandchain

Office Appropriate: Delicate Necklaces

"Delicate jewelry is a major trend for fall, and one that can be easily incorporated into your office wardrobe. This feather-light diamond-bar necklace by Flaca Jewelry is very feminine and elevates any outfit with its simple punctuation. Bonus: It's a timeless investment piece you can wear all year round."

Office Appropriate: Sleek Cuffs

"If your job requires you to type on a computer all day, it’s more comfortable to wear bracelets that won’t collide with your keyboard. A sleek cuff like this contrasting metal style from Asha is a foolproof option."

Office-Appropriate: Oversize Studs

"While large dangling earrings should stay home in your jewelry box, you can still have fun adorning your ears for the office with oversized studs. Iterations embellished with stone clusters, like these starburst studs from Lele Sadoughi, are a gorgeous option that are always work-appropriate."