Tracy Anderson Started A New Podcast & Her Guest Lineup Is Unreal

Get in the game.

Tracy Anderson abs in croptop

If there’s one thing about Tracy Anderson and her now-legendary Method, it’s her refusal to gatekeep her fitness techniques or what she’s learned over her years in the industry. Rather than limiting her services to only the most elite clientele — she works with all the big names, including Jennifer Lopez and Gwyneth Paltrow — she runs multiple studios and online services so anyone anywhere can get in on the action. Now, though, she’s taking that concept even further with a brand new announcement. While the exact drop date is still TBD, The Longevity Game with Tracy Anderson podcast hits streaming services soon and the first slew of guests is already generating some serious excitement.

The Longevity Game focuses on far more than just workouts, though. Anderson has already tapped everyone from Olympic athletes to mental health experts to share their experiences, perspectives, and learned knowledge about that it actually takes to lead a long, happy, healthy life. For Season One, expect appearances from Maggie Gyllenhaal, skin care giant Dr. Barbara Sturm, gold medalist Jordan Burroughs, clinical psychologist Dr. Shefali Tsabary, and biomagnetic scientist Dr. Luis Garcia. With a new professional at the mic each week, guests can get a vast, varied perspective on what it means to truly thrive in today’s fast-changing world.

Courtesy Of Tracy Anderson

As usual, Anderson’s tapped in to a larger movement with the theme and focus of her podcast. The concept of longevity, that is, living as long and well-preserved as possible thanks to strategic lifestyle habits and routines, is taking over the wellness world. Experts predicted the idea would be much-discussed through 2024, and this podcast is proof. As was explained to TZR last fall, “The longevity industry focuses on geroscience — the study of what makes us old — and looks to slow down or even reverse the process,” says Chris Mirabile, founder and CEO of consumer longevity biotech company NOVOS. As such, concepts like disease prevention is targeted through preventative, everyday measures and utilizing rapidly-developing technology.

This isn’t Anderson’s first podcast, either. She previously hosted From Mat to Table, which followed a similar theme, and she’s been a guest star on plenty of other shows as well. As exact release date details emerge, stay tuned — you already know Anderson and her guests are going deep.