6 Ways To Recharge Your Wellness Routine In 2022 Via No-Touch Technology

Unwind with these high-tech automated treatments.

by Nicole Schubert
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Carillon Miami Wellness Resort
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In the blink of an eye, 2022 will be here. And as you start to research new wellness treatments to elevate your already thoughtfully curated health routine, innovative spa therapies that offer high-tech no-touch features, along with an overabundance of health benefits, might come to mind. According to research by the Global Wellness Institute cutting edge rituals like flotation therapy pods, cryotherapy, and halotherapy are trending more than ever, taking as little as 20 minutes to experience and offering wellness fanatics the opportunity to rest and reset without a technician and/or human touch.

While the popularity of touchless wellness experiences may have hit a high over the past two years, the concept is far from new in the self-care space and has been incorporated in luxury resort spas and med spas for the past decade. According to Tammy Pahel, vice president of spa and wellness of the Carillon Miami Wellness Resort, the benefits of these types of solo treatments, outside of allowing people to stay far apart while pampering, are vast. “Therapies like the full body cryotherapy help with inflammation and circulation, while [something like] whole-body red-light therapy, aids on the cellular level with conditions ranging from inflammation to multiple sclerosis,” says Pahel to TZR. “Several also have immune-building benefits, as well.”

And while human touch is vital and preferred for some treatments like massage and facials, a calming float in an Epsom salt bath or a session in an infrared sauna can do a body good, too. So, as 2022 approaches and you begin thinking about resetting your wellness routine, consider booking one (or all) of the no-touch spa treatments at a spa near you.

The Somadome

The Somadome, a tech-enabled light and color therapy pod, guides the mind into a meditative state for a more rejuvenating quality of sleep. Carillon Miami Wellness Resort

The Somadome first made its appearance at the 5-Diamond Ojai Resort & Spa in Ojai, California some five years ago and has since launched at more than 100 locations spanning 13 countries and four continents, including the Carillon Miami Wellness Resort. A light and color meditation pod, it allows the option of listening to guided, 20-minute meditation tracks. The no-touch, solo experience not only allows you to disappear for a moment (you literally are encapsulated), but also promotes enhanced relaxation via sound frequency waves of binaural beats. Reported benefits can include improved anxiety, focus, sleep, and productivity.

Flotation Therapy

Salt baths, a centuries-old tradition, are officially making their resurgence, according to research by The Global Wellness Institute. For those not in the know, this wellness experience, also known as Float Therapy, involves a pool or pod of warm water generously infused with Epsom salt (hundreds of pounds must be incorporated for the zero-gravity effect). This magic formula allows for individuals to float peacefully and quietly, often to the tune of soothing meditation sounds or music. Its recent rise in popularity is due in large part to its contactless features and array of benefits, which include deep relaxation, improved sleep, anxiety, and respiratory health (it’s reported to help temper asthma symptoms). Flotation therapy is also said to be good for the complexion, addressing everything from acne to eczema.

Sound Therapy

Power napping just took on a whole new meaning with this sleep-enhancing treatment, commonly known as the Spa Wave. This experience places individuals on a Quantum Harmonic Sound Therapy table and delivers a combination of music, gentle sound waves, and highly efficient vibrations matched to the body’s energy chakras (using headphones), says Pahel. The 30-minute snooze session leaves individuals feeling refreshed and is designed to promote better concentration and mood and enhance creativity.

Prism Light Pod

The Prism Light Pod, a deep red light treatment, recovers the body 10-times faster after a cardio burning workout, absorbing light into the skin, muscles, deep tissues and joints to ultra-accelerate the natural healing process. Carillon Miami Wellness Resort

As you re-program your weekly workout schedules and fitness goals with new ways to stay active, consider adding 15 minutes for a post-exercise, no-touch experience that releases physical tension. Yes, this infrared pod bares a striking resemblance to a tanning bed, but rest assured it is not one. Tanning beds utilize UVA light, which can cause cancer and premature aging. Perfect for hardcore cardio junkies and marathon runners, the Prism Light Pod, also known as photobiomodulation (PBM) therapy, harnesses the power of full-body LED red light which, when absorbed by the skin, muscles, deep tissues, and joints, can promote faster recovery to the muscles and tendons in the body, as well as improve the texture of skin and blood pressure.


A high-tech ice bath, full body Cryotherapy continues to be the buzziest trend in wellness solutions no matter the season. Dropping temperatures as low as negative 275 degrees, these standing, cold chambers make deep-freezing the body simple, quick, and touchless. According to Pahel, benefits can include “encouraging better and deeper sleep, deeply cleansing the body by eliminating toxins, improving blood circulation, reducing body aging, and cleaning, toning, and tightening the skin.”

The perfect add-on to any spa day, full-body cryotherapy, with its extreme frigid vapors produced by liquid hydrogen, will prepare you for the winter season ahead, Pahel explains, with its good-for-you flash freeze that promises to supercharge your immune system.

Halotherapy + Infrared

It’s cutting-edge and unconventional. Marrying the detoxifying powers of both salt and red light, this synergistic Halotherapy + Infrared Sauna is a must-try in 2022. The salt particles infused in the chamber help improve respiratory issues and sinuses while the infrared light can help with everything from signs of aging to tendinitis. Furthermore, more powerful than a traditional sauna, the multi-beneficial experience can also help the body release toxins at a more rapid pace than a regular steam room, as well, delivering a full body detox.

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