This Healthy Soup Recipe Will Make Fall Meal Prep A Breeze

Soup season has begun.

“This [Vegan Curry Lentil Soup] is an easy-to-make, go-to one-pot meal that is deeply nourishing and packed with minerals, healthy fats, fiber and more...and it is super delicious!” says celebrity nutritionist Kimberly Snyder. Photo by Victoria Wall Harris
“My Carrot Apple Spice Soup is one of those warm and comforting meals that always brings a smile to my face and energizes my spirit,” says Snyder. “Unlike many other blended, creamy soups, this does not contain dairy [thanks to the addition of Harmless Harvest plain coconut yogurt], or any inflammatory ingredients.”Photo by Victoria Wall Harris
Celebrity chef and certified nutritionist Serena Poon says her Solar Plexus Squash Soup is a go-to. “It’s so important this time of year to be mindful of ensuring that we’re eating healthy and colorful food filled with nutrients that will help energize and fuel our bodies.”Courtesy of Serena Poon
“This Vegetarian Tortilla Soup recipe is quick to prep and full of bright and zesty Mexican-inspired flavors,” says Yumna Jawad, creator of food blog Feel Good Foodie, of the hearty meal. And don’t forget to have fun with all the toppings!Feel Good Foodie
“Perfectly warming and full of flavor, this vegan Sweet Potato Soup is made with coconut milk and is wonderfully creamy,” says Jawad. Plus, she continues, it’s easy to make in one pot, and ideal for meal prep and freezing for later.Feel Good Foodie
“This delicious, hearty Sweet Potato Chili is loaded with black beans, vegetables, and all the classic spices,” says Meggan Hill, creator of food blog Culinary Hill. Culinary Hill
Italian Minestrone Soup is hearty yet gentle, packed full of greens, chickpeas, and vegetables in a delicious and bright tomato broth,” says Hill. It’s also customizable — so if you have some leftover vegetables you’re looking to get rid of, throw them right in.Culinary Hill
“Fall brings us a lot of great versatile produce like cauliflower and butternut squash!” says Cassidy Ceresea, WW D360 Coach and creator of @cassidyeats. One of her favorite ways to use those ingredients? Tandoori-Roasted Cauliflower Soup, which is both quick and simple.Courtesy of WW
Ceresea also loves this Lentil and Butternut Squash Stew for fall, especially because it’s so easy to simplify. “If you don't feel like dealing with cutting up a head of cauli or squash, pick up a bag of pre-cut florets to make it even easier to throw together,” she suggests.Courtesy of WW

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