Golde Founder Trinity Mouzon Says Her Mother Inspired The Buzzy Wellness Label

by Kristin Corpuz
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Golde founder trinity mouzon

Historically, the wellness industry has not been the most inclusive, particularly for plus-sized people, women of color, and people in lower income households (which, according to the most recent Census, are disproportionately composed of people of color). Trinity Mouzon, co-founder of wellness and supplement brand Golde is out to change that. For years she observed as ads from wellness brands failed to show or cater to a diverse clientele — from body size to skin tone — and how buzzy wellness products like supplements, tools, and equipment are often financially out of reach for the average middle class consumer. This is especially disappointing given that so many "trends" in the wellness industry originate from other countries outside the U.S. and are then appropriated — and heavily marked up in price.

"Golde was started on my personal mission to make wellness easy, approachable, and fun for the next generation," Mouzon tells TZR. "I was feeling really caught between the sort of 'crunchy granola' stuff I'd grown up with, and this next wave of really prestigious offerings that just didn't resonate with me. I believed that self-care was for everyone, and that the world deserved a wellness brand rooted in that."

In case you aren't familiar, Golde is a plant-based supplement brand that touts superfoods (like turmeric, matcha, and coconut) as hero ingredients in every single one of its products. The label is primarily known for its drink powders that you can mix into your favorite beverages and smoothies for an extra healthy kick, but there’s also a beauty element in the form of face masks within the product lineup.

And while taking pills can be an intimidating task for those new to supplements, Golde's seriously delicious blends are easy to mix into drinks you already make daily (like your morning latte), which might encourage you to get a few extra nutrients while you're enjoying your perfect cuppa. They're priced reasonably (30-day supplements range between $20 and $35, for the most part), and are easily accessible at mass retailers like Target, which makes it a little easier to restock on your favorites.

As consumers in the wellness industry have grown more conscious of where their dollars go, Golde has skyrocketed into the spotlight (partially due to the surge of support for Black-owned businesses following the momentum of the Black Lives Matter movement in summer 2020). "It was tough to see so much of that boom tied to the trauma of violence against Black folks," says Mouzon of Golde's rise in popularity. "It was a lot to process — we were [increasing our revenue by 10-fold] overnight and overhauling the supply chain, [while simultaneously] processing where the country was at in that moment." Fast forward nearly a year later and things haven’t exactly slowed down for Golde, as new customers continue discovering the brand at a faster rate than before.

TZR recently sat down with Mouzon to talk about her vision behind the buzzy brand, why she got into the wellness industry, and what the future looks like for Golde.

What made you interested in the wellness space in the first place?

I was always sort of raised around wellness to an extent — I grew up on almond butter and organic foods, and I was always really into exploring different home remedies and superfoods. I got seriously into wellness through my mom's battle with a severe autoimmune disease. She switched over to seeing this more holistically minded doctor and saw an incredible improvement in her symptoms. I first got into turmeric, for example, because my mom was taking it as an anti-inflammatory. I then started playing around and adding the whole root to juices and smoothies, and saw that it was so great for my skin and gut health.

That really inspired me, as I was pre-med in college with the goal of helping folks that way. I later found out that my mom had to stop seeing that [holistic] doctor because she just couldn't afford it anymore, which forced me to pause and consider what exactly it was that I wanted to do in the wellness space and how accessibility played into it. From there, it's really been a journey of continuing to explore the power of plants to better our wellbeing.

How did Golde come about?

I started Golde with my high-school sweetheart, Issey, when we were both 23 years old. We had no savings, no skills, no connections. We just got started. We did everything ourselves: packaging design, product photography, even the production. We didn't hire fancy agencies because we just couldn't afford them. It's really been a labor of love, and even today we are just a small team of nine altogether.

Was founding the company a logical move for you based on your background? Or did you pivot from something else?

I think it was logical in a lot of ways because I had a longtime interest in wellness and holistic health. After college I was working in marketing and absolutely loved it, but was definitely still that friend or coworker who was recommending various herbal supplements depending on how [they] were feeling, so I don't think anyone in my network was surprised.

Supplements are having a big moment right now. What makes Golde different from other brands?

We're one of the only Black/POC-owned wellness brands in the space (my partner is Japanese), which has a significant impact on our brand's perspective. Our products are for everyone, but we operate with inclusivity in mind. It's not a buzzword for us; it's just an essential part of building what we want to see in the world.

We also self-funded our business for over three years post-launch, and have remained a pretty lean team. We're proud to be a small business that's really focused on our community, and I think that personal connection to the mission makes a big difference.

From a product perspective, we really lead with the superfood story, so 100% of our products are vegan-friendly and use sustainably sourced ingredients like coconut or matcha. We're proud to create remarkably delicious products that are affordable and effective. We believe the wellness experience should be truly ‘feel-good’ from end to end.

What do you want people to feel when they're taking Golde's products?

Quite simply, we want folks to feel like their best selves. It's not about achieving this perfect vision of ‘wellness’ — it's about doing what works for you. We're here for everyone, wherever they are in their journey.

It's hard to pick a favorite baby, but what are your favorite products from Golde's lineup and why?

We just launched Shroom Shield, our mushroom-boosted cocoa blend, and I'm so obsessed. I drink one every single day, and it's been really impactful for easing my stress levels when I'm bouncing between a dozen meetings.

What are some other wellness/beauty products you can't live without?

I love other indie brands in the space. Wooden Spoon Herbs Herbal Coffee is amazing. I also must shoutout Palermo Body's Rose Geranium bar soap and Esker's Restorative Body Oil. I love a good shower self-care moment.

What's next for you and Golde? Do you see plans to start another company in the future? How will Golde expand?

We have another product launch coming this summer that I'm over the moon about. It's the perfect booster for any latte. We also just launched in Target in January, so that's been a major focus for the team. Tons more to come, but I'm appreciating the opportunity to live in the present. Definitely no new companies on the horizon right now — our plates are full!

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