Trying To Make The Switch To Mushroom Coffee? Try One Of These

Gives a whole new meaning to “shrooming.”

by Natalia Lusinski
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Finland-born Four Sigmatic comes in a few mushroom coffee varieties, including Think (with lion’s mane), Defend (with chaga), and Balance (with ashwagandha), which help boost your immune system in an all-natural way.Four Sigmatic
MUD\WTR calls itself a coffee alternative and contains no coffee (unlike many other mushroom coffees). Instead, the base is masala chai tea, mixed with different types of adaptogenic mushrooms, including lion’s mane and reishi.@drinkmudwtr
RYZE Mushroom Coffee says that just two cups a day will help your focus, energy, and immunity levels. (Plus, the starter kit comes with a lot of fun free gifts, including a spoon, gratitude journaling app, and recipe booklet.)RYZE
Your Super Magic Mushroom Mix is full of ayurvedic herbs (plant-based substances that promote good health) and adaptogens that will help you relax. Your Super
Clevr’s Coffee Superlatte not only has coffee in it, but also various types of mushrooms, like reishi and ashwagandha, as well as probiotics — it’s like an all-in-one coffee drink! It also has oat milk and coconut SuperCreamer within the powdered mix to give it a latte effect.@clevrblends
Everyday Dose is coffee-free. But you’ll still get a much-needed energy boost thanks to healthful ingredients like functional mushrooms, collagen, and nootropics (which help boost cognitive functioning and mood).@everydaydose
Joe’y is not your average cup of joe — it’s a coffee alternative that has superfoods like adaptogens and mushrooms, which will help up your energy and focus naturally.Joe'y
UMZU’s zuBREW is instant coffee that has an added perk in the form of lion’s mane mushrooms and dynamine (a compound similar to caffeine in the way it increases energy and focus). UMZU
Beyond Brew by Live Conscious contains a blend of six different kinds of organic mushrooms — including lion’s mane and reishi — as well as pre- and probiotics. So not only will it help your mind, but also your body.Beyond Brew
If you’re looking for a mushroom coffee that has a dark chocolate mocha flavor, you’ll find it in KOS’ Sippin’ On Shroomboom. In addition to organic coffee beans, it has plenty of functional mushrooms, as well as 60mg of organic caffeine from green coffee bean extract.KOS

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