Need Help Waking Up? Try Sipping On One Of These Morning Teas

Rise and shine.

by Natalia Lusinski
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No one knows tea like the English, and Twinings of London makes a great English Breakfast Tea (which is also its most popular). The black tea has a copper-red color and comes from Kenya and Malawi. Twinings of London
Golde’s Matcha Turmeric will not only give you a caffeine boost from the matcha, but it’s also an anti-inflammatory superfood latte blend. It’ll help your skin, focus, and gut health — and the matcha will help you wake up, but sans the jitters from caffeinated coffee.@golde
This French Earl Grey Tea from T2 is a loose leaf tea made up of black tea that has a blend of sweet fruit, rose, sunflower, and hibiscus. There’s a touch of bergamot to round out the flavors, too.T2
If you’re looking for a white tea, which is less processed than other teas, Numi’s Orange Spice will do the trick. Aside from real orange peels that are mixed with the white tea, it also contains schizandra berries and lemongrass.Numi
Harney & Sons makes a Green Tea with coconut, ginger, and vanilla that’s a perfect way for you to wake up your taste buds — and your brain — in the morning. It also comes in a cute tin that you can reuse, either for more green tea or something else.Harney & Sons
Tazo’s Regenerative Organic Chai will help make you alert in the morning with its black tea that’s flavored with cinnamon, cardamom, ginger, and black pepper. It’s also made from Fair Trade Certified™ ingredients and helps improve the earth since it’s grown with regenerative agriculture practices.Tazo tea
If you still want caffeine in the morning, but less of it, try Simple Loose Leaf’s Morning’s Oolong Tea. With lemon and basil, it’ll also give you a kick of flavor as you start your day.Simple Loose Leaf
And if you’re a Downton Abbey fan (who isn’t?), you may want to try Downton Abbey® Mrs. Patmore's Pudding Tea to kick-start your day. Made by The Republic of Tea, this black tea is chock-full of flavor, primarily vanilla and caramel. (And watching Downton Abbey while you drink it is optional.)The Republic of Tea

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