The Best Green Teas To Sip On For An Antioxidant Boost

Get your sip on.

by Natalia Lusinski
Matcha is a variation of green tea wherein green tea leaves are ground into a powder. And with this Pure Matcha by Golde, you’ll not only get green tea benefits — like more energy without jitters — but it’ll also help your gut and improve digestion.@golde
Another loose leaf green tea to try is Organic Japanese Fukamushi Sencha Green Tea by Ocha & Co. It’s steamed twice as long as usual and has become more and more popular in Japan because of its mild taste, as well as all its health benefits — it has nutrients like beta-carotene and vitamin E.Ocha & Co
This Yogi Green Tea Kombucha will help support your overall health with its antioxidant properties, and it will also help keep you alert with less caffeine than coffee. Plus, it has notes of spearmint and lemongrass to liven things up.@yogietea
If flavored green teas are your thing, this Mango Green Tea by Cusa Tea & Coffee is definitely worth a sip (or several!). In addition to antioxidants from the tea, it’s made from real mangos — but without added sugar. So for a mango fix, look no further.Cusa Tea & Coffee
This Jasmine Green Tea by Pique comes as tea crystals, which makes it a fun variation from your average bagged variety. The Japanese green tea that’s used is infused five times with Jasmine petals, so you’ll definitely taste it. And it’ll give you energy while also benefiting your skin.Pique Life
If you want matcha green tea in a non-powder form, check out Pukka’s Supreme Matcha Green Organic Tea. Each sachet contains matcha powder, plus three kinds of whole leaf green tea, and will help both your body (antioxidants) and mind (energy and focus).@pukkaherbs
If you’re looking for a loose green tea, try steeping Organic Emerald Jade Tea by David’s Tea. It’s picked from a family-owned organic tea garden in the Suizhou district of China and is sure to wake you up in the morning — but without the jitters and caffeine crash from coffee.David's Tea
If you want a bit of a kick to your green tea, try this Green Ginger Tea by Tazo. It features a pear flavor, so it’s definitely a unique take on green tea that’ll still provide you with the same antioxidant benefits.Tazo

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