Looking For An All-Natural Sleep Aid? Try This Essential Oil

Sweet dreams.

by Natalia Lusinski

If you’re looking for an all-natural way to calm down, and even sleep better, essential oils can help. From lavender to lemon balm, many have proven medicinal benefits and aromatherapy effects when it comes to promoting relaxation.

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There is a lot of research out there about how lavender can calm down the nervous system. And with this Lavender Essential Oil Roll-On from Maple Holistics, you can take it with you anywhere in case you need a moment of calm during the day, too.
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Mountain Rose Herbs
Lemon Balm Essential Oil
If you’re a lemon fan, this Lemon Balm Essential Oil from Mountain Rose Herbs is for you. But don’t forget to mix it with a carrier oil, like coconut or avocado, in order to prevent skin irritation.
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Aura Cacia/iHerb
Roman Chamomile
You probably know all about chamomile as a sleep-promoting tea, but this Roman Chamomile Essential Oil by Aura Cacia also has jojoba oil in it, so you don’t have to worry about mixing it with a carrier oil.
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Valerian Essential Oil by Edens Garden can help you get the calm you need, too. Although the strong woody smell is not as pleasant as lavender or lemon balm, valerian has long been known as a “heal-all” when it comes to anxiety, stress, and wounds. (And don’t forget to add a carrier oil!)
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Sleep Well
Sleep Well: Restful Sleep Oil Blend Roll-On by Saje is a powerhouse of several calming herbs, including valerian root, lavender, and chamomile. Whether you roll it on your neck or your wrists, it’s sure to help you relax in no time.
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Wholesale Botanicals
Cedarwood Oil for Sleep
Cedarwood Oil for Sleep by Wholesale Botanicals can also promote relaxation, especially if you prefer a less floral scent. You can inhale it, add it to your nighttime bath, or add a few drops onto a washcloth or towel and put it under your pillow at night.
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Vitality Extracts
Sandalwood Roll-On
This Sandalwood Roll-On by Vitality Extracts is another earthy and woody scent you can use to help combat your restlessness or insomnia. You can roll it over various acupressure points, like the insides of your wrists, onto your temples, behind your ears, or onto the bottoms of your feet.
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Aromatics International
Marjoram (Sweet) Oil
Marjoram (Sweet) Oil by Aromatics International has an herbal and somewhat-spicy aroma with healing and relaxation properties. It’s a member of the mint family, and be sure to blend it with a carrier oil, too, like coconut or jojoba.
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Vibrant Blue Oils
For a pre-blended oil, this Sleep blend by Vibrant Blue Oils contains many fragrant essential oils, like lavender, lime, and chamomile, to name a few. Just put two to three drops on the back of your neck or on the bottom of your feet at bedtime and let it work its relaxation magic. Sweet dreams!
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