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I Just Got My First “Big Girl” Watch (& You Should, Too)

Plus, five trends to shop now.

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I recently acquired my first “adult” watch, and it’s truly a game-changing experience. My new two-tone treasure from Ferragamo completely transforms every outfit I wear. And if you take anything away from reading this story, I hope it’s this: You definitely should go all in on a bold timepiece, too.

Although watches are usually thought of first as a men’s staple, there is definitely a striking women’s selection out there that spans from classic and polished to super edgy. Plus, with trends like mob wife and quiet luxury still floating around the fashion ether, luxe investment pieces like watches feel so relevant right now. A high-end watch is also a purchase that holds its value for a long time, thanks to a thriving secondhand make and the cyclical nature of trends. But at the end of the day, I think the best reason for getting one is that it’s a total power move — the look just commands respect.

As mentioned above, I opted for a design with mixed metals as it matches both my gold and silver pieces. However, there are so many other worthy trends out there right now to consider: wrap styles, textured straps, watch rings, and items with a colorful face. Below, I’ve compiled my favorite options for your shopping delight.

Wrap Watches

This look is a playful take on a traditional watch. The most notable of these is the iconic Bulgari Serpenti design, which originated in the 1940s. But plenty of other designers are putting their own stamp on the coiled fit, whether in chain, leather, or both.

Textured Leather Strap Watches

This vintage-inspired accent is innately elegant, offering a refined alternative to a metal strap. Go for a neutral color that’ll match everything in your closet, or make a statement in something jewel-toned.

Two-Tone Watches

In my opinion, there are few pieces that combine classic and modern elements as well as a two-tone watch. Also, it doesn’t hurt that this watch is guaranteed to match all of your jewelry.

Watch Rings

Another personal favorite of mine is this early aughts go-to. The kitschy trend is a more budget-friendly and cheeky way to check the time. In addition to my two-tone watch, I wear a small ring style every day, and a day rarely goes by without someone complimenting it.

Colorful Face Watches

Be it in lapis or malachite, the addition of a vibrant hue makes a timepiece feel both lavish and fun. Take things a step further with an evil eye motif, as seen in the Jacquie Aiche x Timex collaboration, or Gucci’s bee-covered wrist candy.