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Jenna Igneri

Jenna Igneri is an NYC-based freelance writer, editor, and creative who covers all things fashion, beauty, and wellness-related. She loves to use her platform to highlight the emerging brands championing sustainability, inclusivity, and innovation. Jenna has over eight years of experience in the fashion and beauty media space, and her bylines have appeared in The Zoe Report, Byrdie, Coveteur, Refinery29, RealSelf,, and NYLON. Prior to going freelance, she was the fashion and beauty editor at NYLON and, before that, the fashion assistant at Allure. She also has a bachelor’s degree in marketing from LIM College. You can follow Jenna on Instagram at @jennaroseigneri and check out more of her work at


Curious About Injections For Fine Lines? You Have Many Options To Choose From

Botox, Dysport, & Xeomin... oh my!

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If You Care About Anti-Aging Skin Care, It’s Time To Get to Know Purslane

It’s also great for sensitive and acne-prone skin.

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Sensitive Skin? This Popular K-Beauty Ingredient Will Soothe & Calm Your Complexion

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Dry Skin & Hair Are No Match For Tsubaki Oil — Here’s Why It’s A Beauty Editor-Favorite

Meet your new winter beauty savior.

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Not Only Is This Ingredient A Must For Dry Skin, It Keeps Your Products Potent, Longer

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Can You Guess Which Gemstone Actually Improves Skin Firmness & Minimizes Fine Lines?

Hint: it’s not diamonds.

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If You Have Oily, Acne-Prone Skin, This Herb Should Be On Your Radar

How milk thistle and its derivatives can help de-slick your complexion.

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Here's How To Boost Your Collagen Production With This Antioxidant Peptide

It’s an anti-aging superstar.

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This Little-Known Hydrating Ingredient Has Been Utilized For Over 750 Years

A staple in Latinx culture, it boasts a slew of beauty benefits.

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This Lightweight Antioxidant Oil Can Moisturize Without Clogging Pores

Meet grapeseed oil.

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Heads Up —This Brightening Ingredient Is Even More Effective Than Vitamin C

Enter licorice root.

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PCA Is The Most Powerful Hydrating Ingredient That No One Is Talking About

The experts shine a light on its many forms & benefits.


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