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Ivanna Martinez Gonzalez

Ivanna is a seasoned freelance writer based out of Mexico City with a specialization in beauty, culture, and travel. With over seven years of experience in the field and a strong background in editorial, she has written for publications such as Coveteur, Byrdie, Spotify, and The Zoe Report. Ivanna's unique focus on Latin American talent has allowed her to highlight diverse voices and showcase the region's rich cultural landscape.

Alongside her freelance writing and consulting endeavors, she currently works in Lifecycle Marketing at, an educational technology start-up founded by the co-founder of MasterClass. Before embarking on her tech journey, Ivanna was the social media editor and manager at Coveteur. Her editorial background encompasses various facets, including writing, content creation, and photography.

A proud Magnolia Scholar graduate from Wake Forest University, Ivanna holds a B.A. in Communication with additional coursework in Computer Science and Journalism. She is passionately committed to amplifying the voices of creatives beyond borders, with a particular emphasis on Latin America. In her free time, she is exploring captivating destinations and culturally vibrant spaces throughout Mexico, remaining dedicated to shedding light on the region's immense talent and cultural richness.

You can find her on Instagram at @ivanna.mar or her personal website:


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