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Plastic Surgery Issue

A current look at how plastic surgery has evolved and the cultural stance on these once hush-hush procedures.

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Letter From The Editor

Happy New Year, readers. As we started planning this issue, we imagined what would be top of mind starting 2024. A resolution perhaps? Possibly. Actionable steps for manifestation? Likely. The desire for self-improvement is understandable this time of year (and, really, any), and with our fixation on being better, feeling better, and looking better, we decided that what was missing was a definitive source for the latter, specifically one on plastic surgery.

With so much information out there, oftentimes it’s difficult deciphering what is true or false. From altered before-and-after pictures to incentivized reviews of doctors, what you see and read can be misleading. And social media doesn’t always help with cutting through the noise. With this in mind, we provided a thorough guide on what to consider, steps for due diligence, and questions to ask when considering plastic surgery. (The more you ask, the less likely there will be any surprises. Remember, you are paying for your doctor’s time.)

In 2022, there were almost 1.5 million cosmetic surgical procedures, a 19% uptick since pre-pandemic (2019). The No. 1 surgery for the year? Liposuction. And for the second year straight. We dive into why that is, and the newfound appeal among a younger crowd, Gen Z. We explore this generation’s attitude toward plastic surgery and being transparent about getting work done, along with that of millennials and Gen X. The similarities and differences will surprise you.

And staying homebound isn’t the only option for your procedure. In fact, there are various overseas destinations that specialize in specific surgeries that can be packaged together as a luxury getaway. Vacation and an upper bleph? Why not? Especially if you can’t show your face back home until recovery. Patients who travel internationally for their procedures grew by 11.2% in 2022 and will continue to grow in the coming years.

But for those who do not consider surgery an option — but are still looking for ways to enhance or tweak their features — we curated and explained the top injectables out there and the combinations utilized by doctors to achieve a certain look — some almost identical to surgery, although it requires upkeep.

The conversation on plastic surgery is more open than it ever was, with the stigma surrounding the topic less so and the shift toward transparency more palpable. Going under the knife is a big deal, and the better informed and more conversations being had, whether between friends and family or an influencer sharing their journey on social media, the better decisions future patients can make.

Kathy Lee, editor in chief

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