This New At-Home Facial Delivers Glowy Results In Only 2 Minutes

Courtesy of Youth To The People
Youth To The People's Yerba Mate Resurfacing Energy Facial with ingredients.

You know those low-key face masks you can slather on Sunday morning before you go about your day, forgetting they're even on your skin? Youth To The People's Yerba Mate Resurfacing Energy Facial is not one of them. Not that it doesn't work wonders — rather, it's just that fast. As in, you can wash off the skincare brand's "energy facial" after just two minutes. If you're going to take a mask selfie with this one on, you'll need to move quickly.

Released March 19 on Youth to The People's website — and debuting March 24 on Sephora.com — the at-home facial mask retails at $54 per jar. Like its name implies, it's an exfoliating treatment, gently resurfacing your skin chemically (thanks to papain and bromelain) then whisking away dead skin cells physically (courtesy of bamboo and diatomaceous earth).

"Papain is the isolated enzyme found in papaya fruit. Bromelain is the isolated enzyme found in pineapple. Both are responsible for helping to break down the protein-glue that keeps dead skin cells hanging on to our skin’s top layer. Once they are broken down, they can be swept away with physical exfoliants to reveal radiant skin," Youth To The People's Product Innovation Manager, Mercedes Taylor, tells The Zoe Report in an email.

Youth To The People
Youth To The People

Though shoppers are probably stuck on another part of the facial's title — yerba mate, an antioxidant-rich tea and caffeinated coffee alternative. Coupled with guayusa leaf extract, the buzzy botanicals have a powerful effect on skin. "Through our extraction process, we’ve been able to test the antioxidant content of our propriety yerba mate and guayusa extract blend and found that the caffeine content of our super-tea extracts is two hundred times more than the caffeine found in a typical cup of coffee," says Taylor. "Fluid tends to build up when we sleep, so utilizing caffeine as a skincare ingredient in the morning will help contour our facial features, as well as brighten our skin."

Another reason to try out the facial? Taylor adds that caffeine acts as "an amazing anti-redness ingredient" when applied topically. "Just like a cup of coffee in the morning, caffeine on the skin can work instantly," she continues. Just make sure you mask before you start sipping, since the Yerba Mate Resurfacing Energy Facial will be ready to rinse off before your coffee maker is done brewing. Ahead, Youth To The People's new at-home facial.

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