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Wishful’s New Get Even Rose Oil Is Here To Replace All Your Others


There is only one "what goes first" argument more fiery than the concealer vs. foundation one, and that is moisturizer vs. oil. Some swear that delicately tapping on oil before is correct, and others vehemently disagree, massaging cream in before their oil. You might also be of the camp who uses oil as a moisturizer, but no matter what side of the argument you fall on, the new Wishful Get Even Rose Oil will find a space in your routine regardless.

All oils are not created equal and as much as you may love your current bottle, it most likely doesn't have 15 oils — yes, 15. "After blending rose and rosehip oil with a ton of different oils, I realized that I could create this magical, ‘do-it-all’ product that not only nourishes and hydrates the skin, but also smooths texture and evens tone," says Huda Kattan, CEO and founder of Wishful and Huda Beauty in an email to The Zoe Report.

Even though there's an impressive number of oils combined in one small bottle, the formula is all-encompassing of every skin type. Kattan noted she has "extremely sensitive" skin, but her complexion takes no issue with it, instead reaping the benefits.

Courtesy of Wishful

So what's actually in this magical blend? The featured oils are damascus rose, carrot seed, rosehip, baobab seed, raspberry seed, camelia, jojoba, rice bran, hog plum, soybean, macadamia, sunflower, black cumin, meadowfoam, and cranberry seed.

The first four — damascus rose, carrot seed, rosehip, and baobab seed — are considered the key ingredients. They do what you'd most hope for from a facial oil and then some, moisturizing, rejuvenating, and nourishing as well as targeting fine lines, dark spots, and dullness.

Courtesy of Wishful
Courtesy of Wishful

The benefits are endless, and whether your skin is blemish-prone, oily, combination, or dry, this oil can be a worthy addition to a routine. But the most important question of all is where does Kattan stand on the moisturizer/oil dilemma?

"Get Even is the second to last step in my skincare routine just before I apply Honey Balm Moisturizer, because our moisturizer balm really locks all of the benefits of the oils in," she says — but that's not all. "However, for those who don’t use Honey Balm, I would recommend using Get Even at the very end of your routine as the final step!"

The oil to replace all oils can be scooped up from Huda Beauty's website starting Sept. 23.