19 Earrings Trends That Will Define This Season

Sophie Monet

It's been a good year for sweatpants and statement earrings. Zoom meetings and FaceTimes with friends continue to be a normal part of 2020 vernacular and a pair of earrings to jazz up your time on screen still holds weight. The top earrings trends for winter are a hodgepodge of classic mainstays and creative, playful newbies that work just as well with a black turtleneck as with a sparkly, celebratory top. When your top half is getting this much air time, a diverse menu of options is paramount.

Ahead, hear directly from 19 jewelry designers who are defining and reimagining this year's decorative options and discover what their favorite pair for this year (and even into 2021) is. There are options for die-hard minimalists with architectural silver studs and sleek hammered hoops in the mix, but there's also an abundance of splashy pieces to brighten up your look, like sculptural ceramics and mini dangling fruits. Plus, you'll find plenty of diamonds, emeralds, and pearls for the gemstone aficionado searching for their next investment piece for the jewelry box. Consider this your winter 2020 earrings playbook: pick a trend or two, shop your favorite designer, and start styling a slew of cold-weather outfits you can wear now through the holiday season (and beyond, of course).

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Earrings Trends: Minimalist Silver

"With a good majority of human interaction happening over video these days, people are looking to bridge the gap between adornment and comfort," designer Sapir Bachar tells TZR. She nods to minimalist silver jewelry as it toes the line between understated and polished.

Earrings Trends: Relaxed Attitude

"One trend I've noticed is that jewelry doesn't take itself so seriously anymore," sandralexandra founder Sandra Alexandra explains. "There are so many brands that have fun with what they do, even if staying elegant at the same time." She describes her latest collection as "stylish yet characterful at the same time" with miniature fruits and veggies dangling from gold hoops. In other words, let loose with your earrings this fall.

Earrings Trends: Bold Gold Hoops

"All of us are looking for effortless ways to feel put together this fall," Machete founder and creative director Jennifer Matchett says. "At the moment, our Twist Hoops are our go-to piece to make any simple outfit feel special, even if we aren't leaving the house."

Earrings Trends: Non-Boring Studs

Studs don't always get as much attention as they deserve, and Octave founder and Designer Ope Omojola is determined to change this. "With the daily dance of taking my mask on and off, I noticed that my mainstay hoop and drop earrings can snag and look too busy next to my mask and headphones," she tells TZR. "Studs give you the color pop of a bigger earring without the fuss." Her pick below, which is crafted in bloodstone, "is said to have grounding properties and ward off negative energy."

Earrings Trends: Pearls and Gold

"Pearls are a beautiful way to add lustre to a look and pearls set on gold adds a vintage, romantic vibe," Ren founder Crystal Ung emphasizes. She also nods to the timelessness of pearls as "they add a sense of femininity and refinement and can instantly dress up any outfit."

Earrings Trends: Rainbow Brights

"This year has been a particularly hard one and I find myself gravitating towards pieces that bring me joy and make me smile," Fry Powers founder Allison Fry explains. "I am especially loving our colorful Unicorn Rainbow pieces." She offers sets of ear cuffs you can stack on for a statement jewelry moment.

Earrings Trends: Sculptural Hoops

"A pair of sculptural hoops ticks all the boxes in my opinion," says Ursa Major founder Kate Jones. "They are beyond just a simple hoop and are perfect when the colder weather sets in and hats and scarves come out and masks are still going strong."

Earrings Trends: Modern Takes On Classic Shapes

Agmes co-founder Morgan Solomon is "loving the modern take on hoops, be it a sculptural or layered version to wear everyday." She and co-founder Jacyln Solomon designed a pair of hoops (the Ellipses Hoops) that have been a recent favorite. "They’re so lightweight I forget I’m wearing them," Morgan adds.

Earrings Trends: Festive Statement

"The holidays are definitely a time to have fun with your jewelry, so bold statement pieces are a must," KATKIM designer Katherine Kim tells TZR. Regardless of how different your celebrations may look this year, Kim thinks a flash of sparkle with elegant gemstones is always a smart choice.

Earrings Trends: Small Embellished Earrings

If a bold statement isn't your cup of tea, designer Grace Lee suggests her top pick: small, embellished hoop earrings. "They're perfect to add a little sparkle to your Zoom business meetings or Zoom holiday soirées," she notes.

Earrings Trends: Baroque Pearls

For designer Ashley Zhang, pearl earrings are always on trend and for fall and winter, she's loving baroque pearls. "[They] look great worn with chunky knits and layers and don't look too boring or traditional," she says. "Our Dog Clip charm earrings allow you to change and personalize your earrings and I love the baroque pearls worn with them."

Earrings Trends: Single Earring

Designer Michelle Fantaci predicts the single earring will shine bright this fall and winter. "It gives you a lot of freedom of self expression," she explains. "Finding two styles from the same designer line, in the same materials, is a good place to start." Adding, "it’s not only for a casual, multi-piercing look. It can be elegant, with a stud on one side, shoulder duster on the other, as long as they correspond there will be enough consistency to make it look intentional while being creative."

Earrings Trends: Sculptural Earrings

Artist and BLOBB founder Sofia Elias points to sculptural earrings as her favorite look right now. "They're very easy to mix and match and a fun way to keep being authentic even when we all have to wear a mask out," she notes. "Ears are what we get to adorn now since it's what people can see with a mask on. My earrings were created during quarantine. I started to create and design an indoor garden with these floral mini sculptures that I could wear."

Earrings Trends: Oversized Earrings

For designer Sophie Monet, oversized earrings make a statement without being overwhelming. "I think a good oversized earring is perfect for day or night, and it adds a little more polish to your look whether you’re on Zoom or simply staying in," she tells TZR.

Earrings Trends: Floral Earrings

I'MMANY founder and designer Tina XuI creates floral earrings using real flowers, and it's a perennial favorite, even while not in spring. She explains, "I love adding a feminine touch to understated winter layers, especially earrings with dangling drops."

Earrings Trends: Pearls and Bright Stones

"Pearls are my birthstone but I've always felt they were a little too traditional for me," SVNR founder Christina Tung shares. "Mixing them with bright gemstones still feels dressy and festive but also a bit unexpected for holiday dressing."

Earrings Trends: Mixed Metals

Notte founder Jessica Tse turns to mixed metals as her go-to pick right now. "I went through the whole silver phase and gold-only phase, and now I just love them together," she explains. "I think the warm and cool tones create a really nice layering effect."

Earrings Trends: Sparkle

Timeless Pearly founder Leslie Chetrit is all about the sparkle right now. "This style is totally adequate for an everyday look but it's also great for evening wear," she suggests. "It's sophisticated and chic and will be an asset for any holidays party."

Earrings Trends: Large Flat Hoops

Designer Sophie Ratner suggests simple hoops for the foreseeable future. “I love large, flat hoops that are sleek and lightweight," she exclaims. "They can dress up any work-from-home outfit while also being playful and easy-to-wear.”