10 Indie Jewelry Brands To Make Your Style Feel Extra Unique

Sophie Monet

Depending on who you ask, the secret to a reliably interesting outfit has everything to do with the accessories — specifically, jewelry. Even the most run-of-the-mill looks (say, a white tee and jeans) are miraculously made much cooler with the simplistic addition of an architectural earring or cool piece of statement jewelry from an indie brand. Even more so, there's a myriad of options when it comes to selecting your appointed bauble, which translates to a world of opportunities to keep your style looking and feeling fresh with minimal effort (a combination that's always a win).

You may already have your go to's for finding a beautiful piece of jewelry but there's no harm in bookmarking a handful of new (or new to you) designers that are serving up statement jewelry in droves. Ahead you'll find a roundup of 10 buzz-worthy brands that craft bold pieces that are perfect for giving your next outfit a touch of je ne sais quoi. From resin earrings in sunflower silhouettes to wood-carved pieces that nod to an earthy aesthetic, there’s something for everyone. Read exclusive quotes from a handful of the designers and shop your favorite items to add to your box of Bijoux.

Sophie Monet


Los Angeles-based designer Sophie Monet crafted her first collection entirely from wood as a nod to her father who sculpted with the material during her childhood. "Returning to my roots and working with my hands is really the core of what I do," Monet tells TZR. "I love how unique and different each type of wood is and learning about the different qualities, grains and colors..." She now also incorporates precious stones and metals, giving the entire collection an artistic, earthy aesthetic. In addition, Monet puts sustainability at the forefront of her work as a designer. "Our woodshop is filled with scraps and It’s extremely important to produce jewelry pieces that have as little waste as possible. We use every last bit in order to incorporate a sustainable practice into my designs."

Nathalie Schreckenberg


Nathalie Schreckenberg's handcrafted Barcelona-based jewelry label features architectural elements and abstract lines giving the collection a bold look. " The beauty of imperfection, simplicity, and natural shapes were the main influences of the line. Silver, natural gems, and pearls are molded into ergonomic jewels that adapt comfortably to the body," Schreckenberg tells TZR. "I´m German and Brazilian and lived in São Paulo, Brazil before establishing and starting the brand in Barcelona. Therefore the line is strongly influenced by Brazilian atmosphere, from the names of the pieces to the curvy nature like shapes and also inspired by São Paulo´s brutalist architecture."



Sisters Sayana and Claudia Durany launched Gimaguas in 2016 inspired by their travels around the world. Gimaguas translated to twins in Spanish and the brand's stylish finds are a playful mix that adds a touch of instant fun. "We try to have jewelry for very different types of women. We like to provide very easy and minimal pieces for everyday situations but also colorful and childhood-inspired pieces that make your outfit stand out," Co-founder Sayana Durany tells TZR. "We believe that choosing the right jewelry is the fun part behind dressing up and styling."

Dinosaur Designs


Dinosaur Designs was actually started all the way back in 1985 by City Art Institute classmates Louise Olsen, Stephen Ormandy, and Liane Rossler. In addition to jewelry, the brand also crafts homewares and glassware. They're known for their artful approach to jewelry making and are a reliable brand for thought-provoking statement pieces. “Colour, form, tactility and vitality are the hallmarks of Dinosaur Designs..." Co-founder Louise Olsen tells TZR. "...we work predominately with resin, it has a wonderful vicious fluidity that allows us to cross the boundaries of sculpture and painting, so we can create pieces we think of as visual poetry; they’re made entirely by hand so they’re very tactile...”

Brinker & Eliza


Mother and daughter Brinker and Eliza Higgins founded Brinker & Eliza in December of 2017. The assortment feels like a stylish homage to the ocean with its incorporation of seashells and soft stones like opal. "The collaboration began early on in Eliza’s childhood with decorating ski helmets and barrettes and evolved into customizing denim jackets and jewels," Co-founder Brinker Higgins tells TZR. "Much of our inspiration comes from the countless hours spent hunting for sea glass at the beach."

All Blues


This Stockholm-based jewelry brand is handcrafted by artisans in a third generation goldsmith studio. The collection is a striking compilation of gold and silver pieces designed for the bold at heart. The label's window earrings are a specific favorite among the fashion crowd as of late."I was on my way back to Stockholm from Paris fashion week. Exhausted almost falling asleep directly on the plane after takeoff," Co-founder Jacob Skragge tells TZR about the inspiration behind them. "Then the sun hit my eyes and I looked right and the view was just incredible. I wanted to recreate that feeling and image into a wearable yet somewhat progressive piece of earrings."



Designer Mar del Hoyo founded Levens in 2016 after a trip around the Cote d'Azure in France. She now lives in Barcelona where she crafts her signature ceramic pieces. The label serves up a splashy, colorful selection of baubles that feel like wearable works of art.



Christina Tung founded SVNR with a sincere dedication to sustainability. Her earrings are crafted from found, re-used, up-cycled, and natural materials. They also happen to be immensely fun to wear and look at! (Tip: Many of them are meant to be bought and worn as singles so you can mix and match.)

Sandra Alexandra


If you're a lover of statement earrings then keep this London-based handmade jewelry collection in your back pocket. The baroque pearls and chunky gold hoops all come together to create a fun and feminine assortment that brightens any outfit.



You've no doubt spotted Valet's playful hair clips and resin earrings on Instagram. Join the fun and snag a pair for yourself; their wallet-friendly price point is too good to pass up and the cheery hues will give your face a quick lift.