Shop The Best Of The '90s At These Online Vintage Stores

Julien Boudet/BFA/Shutterstock

There are a few key decades that have a reputation for wiggling their way back into the trend cycle on an annual basis, but the '90s, ah, the '90s feel omnipresent. Levi 501s, cool minimalism, sensible heels, architectural metal jewelry — there's little to dislike about this point in time, which is why you're seeing it infiltrate present-day designs across the board. But, if you always favor the real deal over the mere modern interpretation, the best online vintage shops for '90s style offer fantastic pieces that feel especially reminiscent of the days before Y2K.

There's an LA-based online thrift shop that serves up minimalistic goodness; a Portland-based e-tailer where you should snag some '90s basics; a site for shopping all your '90s accessory needs; and plenty more options all within the click of a finger. Kate Moss and Naomi Campbell would definitely approve.

Yes, as we head into fall, you'll see '70s trends start to resurface when burnt reds and oranges feel timely, and cozy fabrics like suede are in full effect. And then once spring rolls around, the '60s, with its A-line mini skirts and Mary-Jane heels, will be back in action. The '90s, though, are still here... and they're not going anywhere.

Scroll down to find eight places online to shop '90s-inspired style right now.

O. La Roche

Curator Olivia la Roche has a penchant for sourcing archival pieces that mesh well in a contemporary context. Shop here for splashy color palettes, unique materials, and silhouettes that feel fresh.

I Am That

Portland-based I Am That serves up an assortment with a strong point of view. You can stock up on essentials for the new season as well as statement pieces to accent your everyday wardrobe.

Basis Studio

Modern minimalists with an inclination toward playful accessories shouldn't miss Basis Studio. There's a mix of high and low on the price point front and a cohesive clean aesthetic to the entire collection of vintage goods.

Lucia Zolea

You'll fall for the hazy, dreamlike photography on Lucia Zolea. Each piece is shot to showcase its potential to transform an outfit.


The LA-based team of women behind Courtyard is especially skilled at unearthing pieces that work for style types across the gamut. Whether you're a '90s-inspired minimalist or opt for sweet, feminine vibes, there's something to be found for everyone.

Na Nin

Meaning "I am" in English translated from Korean, Na Nin feels like a flea market goldmine with pieces that feel wearable, special, and most delightfully — affordable.

Archive Vintage

If you don't have time to make a trip to Austin to do some vintage shopping, don't fret. Archive Vintage — known for its masterful edit of designer pieces created between the 1960s and 1990s — also has an online store.

Mixed Business

Though their selection of vintage is smaller than previously mentioned shops, Mixed Business is still worth a visit. Thanks to their eye for quality fabrics and versatile silhouettes, you'll find yourself wearing Mixed Business' vintage pieces on a weekly basis.