This Is Exactly When To Mark Your Calendar For Net-A-Porter’s Next Big Sale


Few things can cause as much chaotic excitement amongst fashion lovers as a really, really good sale. Especially a sale during which shoppers can to score designer goods at a fraction of the starting price. Rumor has it that it's time to prepare yourself, because when Net-A-Porter's winter sale starts, it's sure to be an event you won't want to miss. Steady your scrolling hand and ready your credit card — once the sale goes live, you'll need to act fast to grab up some great designer goods for less.

Net-A-Porter's FW18 sale is set to launch on the popular shopping site on Nov. 19, at which point you'll be able to browse select reduced-price designer pieces for up to 50 percent off. The special event will have a dedicated landing page where all included products will be displayed, and if past sales are any indication, there's bound to be lots of options to choose from. Considering Net-A-Porter's sales are few and far between (the site only holds a few per year), taking advantage of this opportunity will be key to scooping up the luxe pieces you've had your eye on this season.

While it's not yet known what shoppers can expect to see marked down once the sale officially launches, looking back to the past few clearance events may offer some insight. The style set was previously graced with the holy grail of designer discount moments in May 2018, and according to The Cut, the sale was brimming with bargains so good, it had fashion girls everywhere sounding off via social media.

The late-May seasonal shopping event featured reduced-price items that were still totally relevant — think summer shoes, flirty blouses, brightly colored handbags, and on-trend jewelry — so fingers crossed the same will ring true for the latest upcoming sale.

Bargain hunters may recall that Net-A-Porter has slowly continued price reductions as a sale goes on before, with some past pieces being discounted by up to 70 percent. Pending this year's sale offerings and discounts, that could potentially equal some major savings on investment pieces like winter coats, statement shoes, or purses if it happens again.

However, don't be surprised if some of the best pieces go really fast, because this is a sale that just about every fashion girl will be shopping. Think of it as a prime time to stock up on quality pieces that'll get you through the holiday season, and as an excuse to splurge a little on the trend-forward items you've been considering but couldn't come to terms with buying at full price. You may even find a few great gifting opportunities so you can check some people off your holiday shopping list, and save a little cash while you're at it.

While the fashionable set will have to wait until Nov. 19 to see what Net-A-Porter has lined up for its winter sale offerings, all anyone can do right now is hope their hunches will be right regarding what's soon to be marked down. Until then, let the guessing games begin.