The Brand Behind Instagram’s Favorite Diffuser Finally Made A Cordless Option

Photo by Britney Gill / Courtesy of vitruvi
vitruvi's new Move diffuser is a cordless option for essential oils

Essential oil diffusers are kind of the window air conditioner of the wellness world: They make life better, but they're usually just plain ugly. Until, that is, vitruvi entered the market in 2015, and shortly after its launch came a design-centric diffuser that's no doubt made frequent appearances on your Instagram feed ever since (you know — it's the matte ceramic one that looks like a piece of art). While the product has pretty much stayed the same since its launch, that's soon to change, because vitruvi's new Move and Stay Diffusers are officially dropping Nov. 2, and they're taking the brand's diffuser offering to a new level.

That's all thanks to its passionate fans. "Over the years, my brother and I have been in close touch with our incredible community to see what they were looking for in a diffuser, and what things were missing in the current market," Sara Panton, co-founder of vitruvi, tells TZR in an email. "Through many conversations, we narrowed it down to these two diffusers!"

Move, the smaller of the two and $179, answers the need to place your diffuser away from annoyingly situated plug-ins (truly one of my only complaints with the original). "Move, the first ever wireless diffuser with a charging pad, is for those who are looking for a portable solution that can be carried from room to room, regardless of where your power outlets are!" Panton says. "I love to place mine on our coffee table or in our entryway, anywhere you would traditionally use a luxe candle."

Photo by Britney Gill / Courtesy of vitruvi

Stay, the second new addition and $159, looks much the same as Move but comes in a slightly larger size to rid you of the need to constantly refill your diffuser or buy more than one just to scent a larger space. "Stay, which can scent up to 700 square feet and run for up to 18 hours, was born out of our customers' desire to scent a bigger space for longer periods," continues Panton, noting that this was a common request of the brand's West Coast fans.

As of now, both new launches come in black or white — and while that's slightly fewer options than the Stone Diffuser (which currently has five colorways to choose from), they're equally as beautiful and minimalist as the original, so rest assured you'll be just as proud to display these in your home.

Both new diffusers are available for pre-order on vitruvi's site now, and will officially launch on Nov. 2.

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