Urban Decay's Newest Makeup Launch Stays In Place Up To 60 Hours

Urban Decay Inked Brow Semi-Permanent Brow Gel officially drops Feb. 19.

There are few beauty woes greater than wiping away flawlessly drawn-on brows before you hit the hay; especially when you realize you'll have to do it all again tomorrow. It's a problem any makeup fan knows, though — and one Urban Decay's latest launch sets out to at least partially conquer. While it's not quite an at-home equivalent to microblading (or the equally trendy brow lamination), the brand-new Urban Decay Inked Brow Semi-Permanent Gel is a pigmented, precise formula that lasts up to 60 hours. So, you won't have to touch up your brows for a full two days — unless, of course, you want to.

Because even though the $26 Inked Brow gel features a semi-permanent, waterproof, and sweat-resistant formula that promises not to flake, fade, or transfer elsewhere, you can still easily wipe it away or touch up the shape with a splash of oil-based cleanser. Officially arriving on Urban Decay's website Feb. 19 — but currently available online via QVC — the game-changing gel is flexible before it dries, too, allowing you to tweak the tail or position the arch perfectly into place.

Seven shades of the gel formula will be available, as well; including "Gingersnap", a hard-to-find true auburn. Besides the often-ignored shade, choose from a range of browns like "Brunette Betty", "Brown Sugar", and "Café Kitty", or the classic "Taupe Trap" and a more universal "Neutral Nana." Each shade comes with a cruelty-free angled brush included in the tube, which is what you use to swipe, draw, and dot on the brow gel however you please.

Courtesy of Urban Decay

Just now realizing you've been seeing Urban Decay all over your feed? It's been a busy spring for the makeup brand. The Inked Brow gel launch follows the debut of the Urban Decay Wired collection, a neon-focused drop that features a technicolor eyeshadow palette, colorful gel eyeliner, new lip colors, and the equally intriguing Wired Transforming Liner — a dual-ended eyeliner with black liquid on one side and glistening, transformative top coat powder on its other.

Chalk it up to Urban Decay's inventive streak. Below, the new Inked Brow Semi-Permanent Gel.