Thrive Causemetics Launched A Hand Sanitizer That Gives All Profits To The Black Women’s Health Imperative

Thrive Causemetics
All profits made on Thrive Causemetics' new hand sanitizer is going to help out the Black Women's He...

Who would've guessed that in 2020, hand sanitizer would reign supreme as the hottest skincare product? While essential, most of these gels and sprays are only good at fighting off bacteria and don't quite excel at pampering your fingers. In fact, they do quite the opposite and sap your skin of hydration. Changing that unfortunate reality is Thrive Causemetics' hand sanitizer, a formula that makes germ-killing and skin-softening ingredients work in harmony.

The new two-fluid-ounce squeeze bottles are full of the quick-drying formula, which is fragrance-free and void of parabens and sulfates. One bottle is $3, but it's worth snagging the two-for-$5 deal so both your bag and home are covered. And unlike the classic gels scattered about your place, the feature ingredients of this one go beyond antiseptic and actually keep your hands soft and supple.

In terms of the details, this sanitizer features 67 percent ethyl alcohol, which meets the CDC's guidelines for effectiveness. But alongside of these necessary components, it has MCT oil and glycerin — two skin heroes when it comes to combatting dryness.

The first of the two is a coconut-based fat that deeply nourishes and the second is a non-toxic ingredient found in many other health products that specifically cater to dry, cracked skin. Combined, you're left with clean, moisturized hands and no sticky residue. But what makes this batch even more special than picking up a random bottle at the drugstore is what it supports.

This new launch is also part of the brand's $5 million commitment to actively fighting racism and supporting BIPOC communities, giving you an even greater reason to shop through Thrive Causemetics. All profits from sales of the hand sanitizer will be going to the Black Women's Health Imperative (BWHI). This non-profit organization works to get proper healthcare and health resources to Black women and girls through advocacy for policy changes, specialized programs, and reports on research findings.

You can shop the hand sanitizer on Thrive Causemetics' website and support the BWHI directly through its donation portal.