Where To Buy The Cozy Coat Trend That’s Quickly Gaining Momentum

Lisa Says Gah

First comes glorious sweater weather, then comes the season of bundling up in the warmest coat you can find to stay warm. And since the utilitarian, outermost layer is going to be seen by everyone you pass on the street, it's imperative to be on the lookout for one that's going to be as stylish as it is cozy. That's why just about every fashion girl is loving the latest 2018 winter coat trend, which so happens to be the ultimate union of comfort and style. If you've yet to snag a teddy coat for yourself, you're about to be convinced to take the chic trend for a spin.

Before shelling out for a new winter coat, you'll likely ask yourself two main questions: will it keep you warm, and is it at least passably stylish? While the former is admittedly more important (because a cold commute is rough to say the least), the ideal coat will check both boxes — keeping you toasty-warm and on-trend all winter.

And it would seem that this season, the almost-unanimous consensus is that the teddy coat is the piece to pick. According to eBay's 2018 Shopping Report, teddy coat sales quadrupled between September and October on the popular e-commerce site, aka quantifiable proof that this trend is definitely on the rise.

If that's not argument enough that you should get your hands on one, a scroll through your Instagram feed would surely do the trick. Influencers and fashion bloggers quickly noted the uber-cozy coats are gaining momentum, and have recently been spotted wearing countless iterations of the style. Case in point: Alyssa Coscarelli's sweet Saks Potts version with oversized front flap pockets, a fuzzy collar, and baby blue checked pattern. It's substantial and warm, but still super feminine and elevated. Win, and win.

So, where to turn to secure your very own teddy coat? Luckily there's no shortage of the trending style across all your favorite brands and retailers, meaning the issue won't be finding a coat — the trouble is choosing just one.

For fans of bold-colored outerwear made for standing out on wintry streets, look no further than the rich red hued Max Mara version, $3,590 available at NET-A-PORTER. The luxe, slightly oversized coat is fuzzy thanks to a camel hair and silk blend, which makes it so soft that you'll never want to take it off. Considering Max Mara is known for its iconic coats, you can't go wrong with this one as an investment piece.

Equally eye-catching is MILLE's electric blue Gilbertine Jacket. The $375 short coat features an oversized collar to shield you from wind and a snap button closure. Wear with a tonal sweater, bleached denim, and patent leather boots for an effortlessly cool vibe.

If neutral tones are much more your speed, there's plenty of fuzzy coats that fit the bill, like Whistle's Borg Sheepskin Coat, $2,399 and ELOQUII's belted Boucle Teddy Coat, $159. Both are mid-length options that'll be sure to keep you warm, and thanks to their versatile shades of ivory and camel they'll be easy to style with your entire winter wardrobe. Plus, colors like those are essentially timeless, so you can expect to wear the coat for years to come.

Whether this is the first you're hearing of the teddy trend, or you've been considering the style for quite some time, now's the moment to go all in while it continues to grow in popularity. Browse some of the best teddy coat options below to try the trend before it's everywhere.