7 "Old" Trends Our Editors Say Are Still In

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One issue with the ever-speeding trend cycle is that it's tough to keep up. You invest in a new pair of sandals, a blazer, or even a bag only to feel like you've turned your attention to the next big thing mere months later. Not only is it a waste of your hard earned dollars, it's part of what's perpetuated the excess of waste created by the fashion industry. But it is possible to shop for trend-forward pieces without regret — it's all about thinking strategically. The Zoe Report's editors all have landed on those 2018 fashion trend purchases that are back again in 2019, of-the-moment buys that have stood the test of time, and don't look to be burning out any time soon.

A good rule of thumb when considering a super trendy purchase is to take a step back and ask "does this actually fit my personal style?" When it comes to buzzy brands or flash-in-the-pan trends, it's easy to get swept up in the sheer force of popularity (thanks especially to Instagram). But to avoid buyers remorse, take an extra beat and consider if the words you'd use to describe your personal aesthetic and the words you use to describe said trend align.If you're looking for a few styles to help get you started on your forever trend-forward wardrobe, read on for the styles our editors have been advocating for over a year now.

Lauren Caruso, Site Director

Say what you will about bike shorts, but they're comfortable and easy to pair with just about everything. I love that the trend is giving way to Bermuda shorts, too; ever since I saw the mint green Bermuda shorts suit go down Dion Lee's Spring/Summer 2019 runway, I've been hooked.

Aemilia Madden, Senior Fashion Editor

Last year my dad gave me a Hawaiian shirt that his father wore in the '50s and '60s. Since then, I've been slowly collecting similarly summery button-downs that are technically menswear, but look just as good on us women too. Luckily for me, I can mix my vintage finds with any number of cool modern takes from designers like Bode and Prada.

Mecca James-Williams, Contributing Senior Style Editor

Straw bags! They've always been a staple in my closet, but with the strong resurgence within the last couple of seasons, I find myself drawn to buying more. I typically like to buy them from artisans while traveling, but a number of brands have done a fun spin on them of late.

Khalea Underwood, Beauty Editor

My white booties have seen me through the good and the bad, from the sleepy suburbs of Georgia all the way to the bustling streets of Paris. I have to remind myself that I’ve only had them since November, because I honestly don’t remember my life without them.

Anna Buckman, Shopping News Editor

I bought a pair of square-toe mules last summer and I'm completely obsessed with them 12 months later. They're simple enough to go with everything, but the silhouette still feels unique enough to add a little something to all my outfits.

Angela Melero, Senior West Coast Editor

Last year, my hands-down hero piece was a rainbow-striped sequin midi skirt from Anthropologie that I wore through the winter and into the spring and beyond. In cleaning out my closet last month, I took a good look at that glittery little number and still felt my heart skip a beat. This season, I'll be dressing it down with some graphic tees and sneakers or slides — I'll probably wear it until the sequins fall off!

Nicky Deam, Contributing Style Director

The '90s-inspired sandal is a trend I just won't quit. I bought a pair last August and am still wearing them constantly, and now I've re-upped with styles from brands like Staud. Something about the low heel and the delicate straps balances out my typically menswear-leaning wardrobe and continues to feel fresh. I'm also lucky enough to live in a climate where I can wear them year round, which helps to justify the expense.

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