The Winter Hair Color You're About To See All Over Instagram

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In terms of beauty, 2020 has presented the perfect opportunity to test out a new look you might not have had the guts to try a year ago. And what better way to tap into your creativity than going for a bold new hair style? As it happens, the winter 2020 hair color trends are bolder than ever, leaving you with an array of exciting, vivid shades to choose from. (Those curious about red will be glad to know it made the list.)

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"People want some excitement in their life, so they are being more playful [with their hair]," Jenna Perry, a celebrity colorist who's responsible for the hair color of Bella Hadid and Dua Lipa, tells TZR. Perry says, she's seeing her clientele hone in on nostalgic styles from the '90s and early 2000s. "I'm seeing a lot of chunky highlights; we just gave Bella really chunky, caramel highlights," says the stylist, adding that the look is a nod to Rachel Green from Friends.

Likewise, Mark DeBolt, a celebrity colorist and co-owner of Mark Ryan Salon in New York, is seeing clients embracing the opportunity to be experimental. "Some are asking for their color to be louder and brighter, opting for unnatural shades of pink, lavender, and peach." But for the minimalists out there, don't fret: He's also seeing a massive return to more natural shades (like rich browns) that are easier to maintain and grow out.

Ready for a change? Below, the color trends experts are seeing for winter 2020 so you can book an appointment ASAP.

Winter Hair Color Trend: Rust Orange

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"My favorite color that has been a surprisingly new request is rust orange with a deeper root," Angela Soto, founder of Baja Studio in New York, says. "I'm obsessed with this color. Think of the inside of a red brick or a fall leaf. It's definitely not natural but a fun take on redheads."

Winter Hair Color Trend: Bronde

DeBolt says it's really all about bronde (a mix of blonde and brown). "Blondes are growing out base breaks and highlighting on their natural color instead, creating more dimensional lived-in hair color."

Winter Hair Color Trend: Chocolate Brown

"We are seeing rich chocolate browns and also adding back some depth for our brunettes," Soto says. "The summer may have made the dimension brassy and naturally bleached out more of the ends, so we are richening up the base, adding in some deeper dimension and glossing existing lightness back down to a caramel or maple tone."

Perry says her brunette clients like to go darker in the winter, opting often for espresso tones. "Something that’s striking and really shiny," she adds.

Winter Hair Color Trend: '90s-Inspired

"I think this winter you’ll be seeing a lot of '90s-inspired hair color," Erickson Arrunategui, a hairstylist at Bumble and bumble, tells TZR. Perry seconds this notion, saying chunky highlights are as popular as ever at the moment. Between Dua Lipa's blonde streaks and Charli D’amelio's bright pink highlights (above), get ready to see similar looks everywhere in the next few months.

Winter Hair Color Trend: Rich Golden Blonde

With her bright blonde clients, Soto says she's seeing the transition to richer, warmer blonde tones. "Often when we go to ash, the tone can feel more hollow or have less sheen," she says. "With richer tones, the tone holds more shine and fades beautifully."

Winter Hair Color Trend: Red

Leona Wilson, owner of Leona Wilson Salon in New York, says she predicts an influx of red colors to gain popularity this winter. "Not a fiery red, but an auburn red." For DeBolt, of-the-moment reds include deeper copper tones, celtic reds, and fiery coppers. "Red is the best color because it can be customized to enhance your natural beauty," he says. 'Everything from pale strawberries to rich garnet."