The Summer Capsule Trendsetters Are Actually Shopping Right Now

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There’s no corner of everyday life that COVID-19 hasn’t transformed. As such, shopping during the pandemic may look different than shopping pre-coronavirus, but it hasn’t effectively eliminated daydreaming about the summer 2020 trends you saw on runways last September. (At least there’s one thing you can do safely.)

Even though you've become more acquainted with the inside of your home over the last few months than ever before, a few stolen moments outdoors — especially as cities begin to reopen in small increments — and indoor dress-up sessions have allowed some anticipated trends and styles of the season to flourish. Similarly, time indoors created the space for some unexpected elements of summer fashion to rise to the forefront in light of efforts to remain fashionable, yet comfortable at home.

Now has been the perfect time to experiment with mesh fabrics, which flooded Spring/Summer runways, as the lightweight and flexible nature is perfectly fit for indoor activities, like working from home or streaming marathons. And because without grandiose plans and events to attend, many are gravitating toward an effortless, comfort-prioritizing sense of style in recent months, the menswear for women trend couldn’t have picked a better time to peak.

It’s unknown what fashion post-pandemic will look like, with the staying power of the Fashion Week calendar up in the air, brands cutting back on production, and some small brands struggling to survive the pandemic, but as of now, a shift toward essential, comfortable, and versatile pieces is evident.

Below, 17 fashion content creators share what’s been on their shopping list amid COVID-19. See their hidden gems and must-haves below, along with a look at how some have approached shopping during the world’s downtime.

Summer 2020 Shopping Picks: Amanda Frezar, Model

"I think my style is very feminine bond girl energy with a boyish charm. I'm super busy finishing a script and working, so my focus is more on versatile pieces."

Summer 2020 Shopping Picks: Rebecca Mgross, Stylist

"Playing homeschool teacher with a sprinkle of zoom calls in between doesn’t leave much room for 'fashion.' Throwing on a pair of hoops can honestly change my entire vibe! My shopping experience during COVID has had several seasons all rolled into a few months. There have been moments where I am totally uninterested in shopping and solely worried about the world issues, and then those are usually followed by moments when I really need some retail therapy. I’ve definitely shifted from looking for standout pieces for events to pieces that are versatile, comfy but still cute."

Summer 2020 Shopping Picks: Leonie Hanne, Content Creator

"My shopping habits definitely changed during lockdown to incorporate much more loungewear and home items, but I’m so excited to shift back to stylish fashion pieces, as things in Europe have finally started to improve. EÈRA’s designs are so smart! These earrings are a playful, modern take on carabiners, and I love that you can link them together or layer up to personalize your look."

Summer 2020 Shopping Picks: Courtney Trop, Content Creator

"Since COVID hit and travel is at a halt, staying comfy without surrendering fully to sweats is my MO! It’s also sale season right now, and there has been no pressure on buying things for travel, events etc… so I’ve been waiting for sales to grab a few things. There’s no reason anyone should be shopping full price right now or any time soon, unless it’s something you’ve pre meditated from the runway, when you saw it a few months ago."

Summer 2020 Shopping Picks: Geraldine Boubil, Stylist

"I have been debating on these Saint-Laurent leggings. Next step is to try them on first! To be honest, I didn’t feel like shopping during COVID-19 for anything other than gym stuff and loungewear pieces. If you saw me during the day, I looked like an LA girl ready to go the gym ... 'til dinner!"

Summer 2020 Shopping Picks: Maxine Wylde, Content Creator

"I'm loving vintage vibes right now. I think retro/vintage pieces are definitely having a moment and it's such a fun trend to dress in! This brand has such a strong aesthetic and brand image, which I think is why I love them so much. I shop online, so shopping during COVID hasn't changed much for me. If anything, its given me more time to browse online... Dangerous! ... But I love it!"

Summer 2020 Shopping Picks: Sissy Saint-Marie Chacon, Stylist & Consultant

"During these uncertain times surrounding COVID-19, I have reduced my non-essential shopping by 90 percent. I have few option to work and earn money, so I’m focused on saving every penny. But, as always, I have a robust wish list going. And when I do spend, I prefer brands with good ethos. If I had a jingle in my pocket and money were no object, here's what I’d splurge on."

Summer 2020 Shopping Picks: Stephanie Arant, Fashion Blogger & Marketing Specialist

"With COVID keeping us all indoors, I've found a new love for cozy attire. I've had my eye on this tank for almost a year now and I think I'm finally ready to commit. With shopping during a pandemic, I've really taken a second, third, and even fourth look at what I am interested in, making sure the pieces will have longevity and I'll get multiple uses out of them."

Summer 2020 Shopping Picks: Anne Johannsen, Content Creator, Area Manager For GANNI

"I have my eye on this knitted vest made from leftover yarn from my friend Nico Glad Golden's amazing knitwear brand. I already own a vest from Nith, and I absolutely love it. I think it is very important to support smaller brands in these times, and especially brands that have a sustainable element to their design process. I also really like it when the items I own have a story behind them."

Summer 2020 Shopping Picks: Emna Sellimi, Content Creator

emnitta on Instagram

"I think it’s important to support brands, whether verbally, or by purchasing, especially during COVID. I didn’t shop during the quarantine, but I kept creating content, because I wanted to help in any way I could. Mirror Palais is definitely my favorite brand. The pieces makes us women feel beautiful and confident, and the fabrics and fit are perfect. I have an unconditional love for this brand. To me, it’s important to connect with people and have human connection, you know? With Mirror Palais, it’s like this, so I 100% support them."

Summer 2020 Shopping Picks: Reese Blutstein, Content Creator

"I chose simple pieces that could be thrown on really easily and still be comfortable on a hot summer day. I like having one really pretty dress that I invest in during the summer to put on when I want to feel a little more put together since, being stuck at home, I don’t get dressed up as much. I’m definitely not shopping as much during the pandemic, and when I do, I am very selective with what I choose to buy. Supporting smaller brands during this time is something I’ve been doing a lot more of; I want cool, small brands to survive. If you have the money to, I think it’s best to shop with them!"

Summer 2020 Shopping Picks: Anaa Saber, Creative Consultant

"Since the start of COVID-19 I’m sure we all can collectively say we’ve become more conscious consumers ... we’ve been spending less and making more practical decisions on where we’re spending our hard earned dollars. Even before the pandemic started, I’d like to say I‘ve always been a conscious consumer. I have always supported small and local businesses, WOC and BIPOC-owned brands first and foremost. A lot of my spending habits align with my own lifestyle and what I stand for."

Summer 2020 Shopping Picks: Debora Rosa, Stylist & Consultant

"I've always liked menswear inspired pieces. With a blazer on top, I'm ready to go, feeling comfortable and chic. During this time, I'm more focused on shopping for essentials, or things I really need. Now I have more comfortable, day to day pieces, but I'm also investing in special ones to brighten up the mood."

Summer 2020 Shopping Picks: Amy Lefevre, Model

"As summer kicks off, I am on the hunt for a new crossbody bag, and the weaving pattern of this Bottega bag reminds me of summer picnics in the sun! While some of us may still be unable to shop in stores, I am doing my shopping exclusively online, and have found some amazing sites with great inventory and selections. For this bag, I am actually shopping from LUISAVIAROMA. They have such a great selection of products and so many Italian brands."

Summer 2020 Shopping Picks: Nikol, Content Creator

"Hats are my favorite accessories, and my number one brand when it comes to hats is definitely Ruslan Baginskiy. I adore their baker boy hats, but this time, I would point out the most special piece this season which is this fedora hat!"

Summer 2020 Shopping Picks: Nina Sandbech, Content Creator

"This is the perfect summer dress in my opinion! I love both the color and the detail with the open back. Easy to wear casually on summer days with a pair of flip flops and a straw hat, or more dressed up with high heels and a pretty bag. I’m always looking for good pieces I can wear on different occasions. Staying home as much as we did during the lockdown period in March and April in Norway just made me browse the web shops even more than usual and I was ending up shopping! Not good, but least I didn’t spend my money on anything else except going to the grocery store. I always end up having a lot of stuff in my virtual shopping bag without actually buying. I tried and still try to figure out if I can use pieces for various outfits and occasions before making a purchase. COVID-19 has made me more aware and conscious about impulse shopping for pieces I only end up using once, which is a good thing."

Summer 2020 Shopping Picks: Rachel Nosco, Content Creator

"I have gone through waves of feeling both super creative and uninspired throughout quarantine, but some stand-out pieces have definitely caught my eye! Since we don't go out too often right now, I've been gravitating towards fun, but wearable items that I can throw on even just around the house."

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