9 Spring Essentials Every TZR Editor Already Owns


Odds are, no matter what season it is, waking up and pulling together a cohesive look isn't exactly easy. A great outfit takes creativity, positivity, and the energy to tackle a closet that's more than likely bursting at the seams — a lot to bite off at 7 a.m. But, if you start with the right spring wardrobe essentials — a curated capsule of easy pieces, the whole grab-and-go concept is surprisingly an achievable goal to set for yourself.

There are many ways to go about building an outfit — some approach a look from the ground up, others prefer to pick out pants first or start with a statement top. However it is you choose to cobble together your look for the day ahead, you'll have an editor-approved staple to get you on the right track. Not only are these pieces easy to mix and match, they're just trendy enough to energize your closet for the season ahead. Armed with these style essentials, you'll shave minutes off of your morning routine, meaning you have the time to grab that cold brew on your way into work. You're welcome. Below, shop a curated collection of the pieces TZR's editors always turn to in a pinch (and probably own in multiple iterations).

Lauren Caruso, Site Director

My fail-safe outfit in the spring is a midi skirt and with a fun top, and my collection of mid-length silhouettes has grown immensely over the past two years. I prefer a wrap skirt with a slit for ventilation when it gets truly abysmal out.

Aemilia Madden, Senior Fashion Editor

Once the spring showers come to an end, I find myself drawn to ultra-classic bag silhouettes, but in lighter hues. After months of wearing black and having to opt for things purely for practicality, I love keeping it simple, but with a seasonal touch of fun.

Mecca James-Williams, Contributing Senior Style Editor

Spring weather has the perfect range for light denim. Over time I have acquired a number of beautiful denim jackets in different washes and silhouettes, some feel more casual while others are more elegant.

Khalea Underwood, Beauty Editor

A wrap dress might seem like a safe answer, but trust me — a good one delivers every single time. They're fabulous underneath a polished blazer or an oversized denim jacket; they can go with booties, flats, or sandals... and they just look so good on, especially on curvier figures.

Anna Buckman, Shopping News Editor

A classic button-down has been my favorite spring staple since high school. It literally never goes out of style, it looks good with everything, and it's the perfect weight for those in-between weather days.

Angela Melero, Senior West Coast Editor

For spring, I always find myself stocking up on easy, breezy sundresses that I can throw on with some slides and call it a day. Comfort is a priority, but a fun floral or punchy colored dress makes it look like I tried!

Aidan Macaluso, Senior Social Media Editor

I own a myriad of white t-shirts, and always do an inventory check come spring. For such a basic item, I'm incredibly particular about the cut and prefer slightly cropped, fitted crew necks. They go with everything, and I honestly think it's the piece I get the most amount compliments on!

Ruby Buddemeyer, Associate Celebrity Editor

I essentially wear mini hoop earrings year-round, but as soon as spring hits, I like to take a subtle departure from my go-tos with a thicker, bolder silhouette. Although they’re on the larger side, I consider these hoops a true basic that pairs well with everything in my closet (from comfy and casual to sleek and elevated).

Nicky Deam, Contributing Style Director

A lightweight cardigan bails me out of any and every spring style conundrum. For chilly mornings and evenings I'm grateful for the light layer, and I love that it is not so chunky it overpowers my frame. It's easy to throw in a bag and looks great with jeans or slip skirts, making it the perfect packing piece, too.