Mango’s Betting Big On This Very Unexpected Color Trend For Spring


While you wouldn't bat an eye seeing hues of orange ranging from bold citrus and bright neon to tangerine among the offerings for spring, you may do a double take when it comes to burnt orange. Though it's typically a color you would associate with fall, Mango is bringing the surprising shade of orange to the table this season, making it a spring 2019 color trend contender that you may be seeing a lot more of this year.

Mango is betting big on the color for spring, featuring several silhouettes in the shade among its latest offerings. You don't have to scroll far into the new arrivals to notice all of the pieces are shot on a burnt orange background. And just as quickly, you'll be able spot the first style in the color: A long sleeve midi length dress. Ringing in at $89.99, Mango's styling of the dress shows how this typically autumnal hue will look just as nice in the warm weather when paired with a stark white boot.

Meanwhile a cord blazer, $99.99, and matching cord trouser, $79.99, are transitional pieces that'll make for an easy way to embrace the trend now and later. Style this set together during the cooler months, but come spring, split it up and brighten the muted orange with a complimentary color in a lighter shade. The spring weather can be unpredictable, thus making the blazer a go-to item that you can pair over a lavender or baby blue slip dress to create contrast.


A ruched spaghetti strap dress in the orangey-hue may make it easier for you to wrap your mind around wearing this color after the snow melts. It isn't hard to imagine throwing on the flowy style with a pair of tan sandals come spring. But for those shoppers who aren't quite ready to don an entire look in the shade, opt for this plaid skirt or plaid top, both $79.99, which bring in the tone in a more subtle way.

Slime green was a prime example of an unexpected color that continued to pick up momentum with each passing month. Will burnt orange be the same? Only time will tell, but you'll be able to get ahead of this color trend by shopping the below pieces from Mango's new arrivals.