Meet The Size-Inclusive Rodarte x Universal Standard Collaboration Taking Over The Internet

Universal Standard

If you hang around the fashion scene long enough, you hear people reminiscence about the advent of iconic pieces and collections. Yves Saint Laurent's Le Smoking suit, Diane von Furstenberg's wrap dress... the list goes on and on. They're the pieces that transcended themselves and instantly became fashion history, combining overarching cultural feelings with clothing — managing to tell stories, authoritatively, without saying anything. In an age of fast fashion and faster social media, it can feel like long-lasting icons are less likely to spring up. But on April 9, it happened for the Rodarte x Universal Standard collab.

"We wanted to create access in a way that has never been done before — in a way that would show what can happen when visions align and style, not size, is the only focus — in a way that would show what the future of fashion looks like," reads an Instagram post by Universal Standard. And the two brands did just that: Rodarte's cutting-edge fashion married effortlessly with Universal Standard's affordable, size-inclusive essentials, creating a collection of glamorous, Western-inspired pieces — each retailing for under $250, and available in sizes 00 through 40.

Beyond that, the brands released an online look book for the collection featuring the models Enam Asiama and Tess McMillan looking like '70s saloon girls on the run (with a dash of Lady Gaga and Beyoncé's Telephone music video aesthetic). To say this collection captures a moment — the tireless march of size-inclusive fashion towards mainstream, Fashion Week-level recognition, the staying power of the oh-so rebellious Western trend — is an understatement.

Universal Standard

You do need a warning though before you visit the campaign: It's going to make you want to buy every single piece. Styled with a monochromatic cowboy hat in the look book, the $200 red Rodarte x Universal Standard Dress is poised to be a break-out piece from the collection — the look-at-me color and adjustable, body-hugging ruching is bound to look stunning on everyone who tries it on.

Universal Standard

Fans of Rodarte's scrupulous attention to detail will love this chance to get their hands on a piece from the brand for under $250 — and, on top of that, one you could wear to the office. (Though this $240 frill-covered jumpsuit is worth that and so much more.) “We are excited to partner with Universal Standard to create this amazing collection. We are passionate about working with women that inspire us creatively and we love every style in this collection,” reads a quote by Rodarte's Laura and Kate Mulleavy on Universal Standard's website.

Without further ado, meet the pieces from the Rodarte x Universal Standard collab.