The Newest Fenty Drop Is Making Its Debut In A Big Way


Fenty is on a mission, and it's one you can definitely get behind: To make luxury fashion practical. Here with its first release of 2020, the newest Fenty drop is built around the idea of freedom, with convenience at top of mind. Available, Feb. 6, each design is made to be worn while working in your craft, combining "attitudinal" everyday wear with luxury. Complete with utilitarian trench parkas and corset skirts, the whole collection can either be dressed up with a set of heels or worn comfortably from here to there. That said, you're sure to get a lot of wear out of each style, making it totally worth the splurge.

For its latest collection, the LVMH-backed brand stuck to the designs they do best, adding updates to make them increasingly versatile. Basing its new garments on past styles that have now become brand signatures, the lineup features the corset dress (which was hotly received last season) but it's been remixed to include pockets, in turn increasing the versatility. To create the ultimate power suit, they synthesized their wide-leg pant with a dress. As for their polo sweatshirts, they've updated the 'FENTY' logo, drawing influences from online gaming culture and animation to signal the start of the new decade.

However, one of the drop's most splashy items is sure to be the FENTY Hitch Hikers Boots, $730, dubbed by the megawatt songstress-turned-Artistic Director, are as versatile as the rest of the collection — they can be worn at ankle-height, or unrolled towards the knee for a more structured look. The entire drop's visual language focuses on punk and military silhouettes, meant to inspire free expression and creativity.

FENTY's previous release (also the final drop of 2019) was evening-centric, replete with fluorescent strappy heels and satin minidresses. This venture is a totally new one for the brand, who launched just last spring with a Parisian pop-up that garnered instant support from Creative Directors at Dior and Balmain. At the start of their second year, they are far from slowing down.

This release debuted at Bergdorf Goodman in New York on Feb. 3, and is now available to all for purchase at FENTY.com (and their cult following is rejoicing). Nothing has sold out just yet, so you have your choice of all the essentials for a limited time. Scroll below for selects, or head to FENTY.com for more.