The Price Of This Matching Hermès Bag & Bracelet Will Honestly Blow Your Mind

Courtesy of 1stdibs

If diamonds mean forever, gifting a Birkin bag says forever... and a day. Perennially an iconic status symbol of the rich and famous, you can now own one of the most expensive Hermès bags to ever hit the market. That is, if you have an extra million dollars on hand you were looking to spend.

Sold with a matching Kelly GM bracelet, the Hermès Birkin Bag 30cm Himalayan Diamond Encrusted is being sold for a record-breaking $1,220,000. That's far above the $380,000 price tag of the world's most expensive handbag to ever sell — which was also a diamond-encrusted Hermès bag made from the rare Himalayan crocodile. But the price increase isn't just inflation; according to experts, this bag and bracelet set have the best coloration and scales of any seen before.

Luxurious doesn't begin to describe this bag. The Birkin's hardware is made from 18k white gold with 8.2 carats of diamonds encrusting the hardware. The exotic Niloticus crocodile skin is treated to create an ombre that echoes the ridges of the Himalayan mountains, with a stunning matte white running down the center. The angular silhouette is the distinctive Birkin shape, a practical rectangle first crafted by the Hermès artistic director Jean-Louis Dumas for actress Jane Birkin in 1984. And though crocodile purses are timeless, this listing falls perfectly in time with 2018's winter trend of croc-effect everything — though frankly, the Birkin bag is always on trend.

Courtesy of 1stdibs

Not to be outdone, the elusive Hermès Kelly GM bracelet is created from matching treated crocodile skin, white gold, and 6.75 carats of diamonds. The name comes from the Hermès Kelly bag designed by Robert Dumas, with the bracelet featuring the turn clasp made famous by the bag. Sans crocodile skin, you can buy a diamond-encrusted Kelly GM bracelet from Hermès for $86,300.

1stdibs is the only place you can find the one-of-a-kind set, with the respected dealer Iconic Vault selling the duo for the first time ever on the style marketplace. Both the Birkin bag and the Kelly GM bracelet are new, sold in the original boxes, with the Birkin hardware still wrapped in plastic — basically begging to be unwrapped and worn on your arm for the rest of your life.

This isnt the first time 1stdibs has listed unparalleled fashion. Since launching in 2001 in Paris, the website has become the place to find vintage haute couture, fine art, and rare furniture, describing itself as the "online marketplace for the world’s most beautiful things". Though it's not often that bags over a million dollars pass through the website's esteemed halls, all dealers and galleries do go through a vetting process that ensures that the luxury goods fit the website's deservedly sky-high standards.

Looking to make fashion history and be the owner of the most expensive bag ever sold? Below, shop the $1.2 million Hermès Birkin Bag and Kelly GM bracelet set. There are few bags you can buy that would make even Samantha from Sex and the City green with jealousy, but this one takes the cake.