This Summer Eyeshadow Look Is The Opposite Of 2020’s Matchy-Matchy Makeup Trend

Model wearing mismatched eyeshadow trend in rainbow colors

Not too long ago (like four months) it seemed like the beauty world was completely sold on matchy matchy: cohesive orange lids, cheeks, and lips graced Insta feeds only broken up by coordinating pink eyeshadow and pouts. It even went as far J.Lo matching her nails to her eyeshadow in a lilac hue (which was actually an incredible look). But it appears summer 2020 has quite different plans judging by the mismatched eyeshadow trend that's been making its way around.

At first read, "mismatched eyeshadow" might conjure images of Harley Quinn with smeared pink shadow on one eye and teal on the other. However, the trend is far from disheveled and more everyday — albeit a bolder everyday — than you'd think. In its most rudimentary form, all you need are two different shadows placed on each eye. And from there, you get to play with it: blur the shadows out for winged effect; color block two colors onto one eyelid and a different two on the other; make a design in the middle of the lid if you're really skilled.

As proven by the eight different versions below, there are plenty of ways to test out this trend while making it look like it's something you definitely did on purpose (and nailed, too).

Mismatched Eyeshadow Trend: Literal Color Blocking

OK, this is starting on the more advanced end of the spectrum, but the pastel-like color palette expertly shows how to work with complementary colors you might not have thought of before.

Mismatched Eyeshadow Trend: Inverted Colors

One of the easiest ways to assure your colors have a nice flow to them is to invert them on each eye. As shown in this case, wherever blue is placed on one eye — the inner corner, lid, and wing — orange is placed in that same spot on the other.

Mismatched Eyeshadow Trend: Primary Colors

Remember that color wheel from second grade? It's a handy guide for working with primary colors, which will always pair well together; they're simple, bold, and there's only three of them (blue, yellow, and red) so you won't be overwhelmed with choices.

Mismatched Eyeshadow Trend: Everyday Shimmer

As dramatic as the look can be, it can also be paled down and worn how you would traditionally wear eyeshadow anyway: Two swipes of shimmery pastel purple and green across the lids topped with a black wing and mascara.

Mismatched Eyeshadow Trend: Glossy Finish

Two bright colors — pink and blue — and a super glossy finish is the ultimate editorial look. Since the eyeshadow itself is relatively simple — just a swatch of both colors — the high shine is what really makes this look.

Mismatched Eyeshadow Trend: Food Inspired

What better color inspiration is there than your favorite foods like peanut butter and jelly? All jokes aside, color combinations are everywhere and this purple with burnt yellow is an A+.

Mismatched Eyeshadow Trend: Retro Liner

While this look is dedicated to the eyeshadow, it doesn't have to do all the talking. After packing on two different colors, line above and out to a wing for a retro vibe.

Mismatched Eyeshadow Trend: Graphic Design

If a simple color switch-up isn't bold enough to your liking, add a design on top like peek-a-boo circle. Best advice for something as clean as this? A pointed cotton swab to make those lines crisp.