The Milk Makeup Best-Sellers You Need To Add To Your Cart, Stat


Milk Makeup isn't your average cosmetics company. In 2018 alone, the beauty brand released a lipstick collaboration with Wu-Tang Clan and turned heads with a suite of cannabis oil-infused products — and that barely begins to cover its years of innovation. So which Milk Makeup products should you buy? It's hard to pick, but shopping the top 2018 Milk Makeup best-sellers will cover all your bases.

While your mind may instantly go to the glittery Holographic Stick highlighters when you think of Milk Makeup, the list shows that its shoppers stocked up the most on basics in 2018. Four of the seven 2018 best-sellers help build a great makeup foundation: the $36 Blur Stick, the $40 Blur Liquid Matte Foundation, the $42 Sunshine Skin Tint, and the $28 Flex Concealer. Go with the Blur Liquid Matte Foundation if you like a full-coverage application, and the Sunshine Skin Tint for buildable coverage that evens out your skin tone.

Of course, Milk Makeup's now-iconic KUSH High Volume Mascara comes out on top — though you probably had no doubts about that. Formulated to condition your lashes with hemp-derived cannabis oil, the CBD oil mascara made waves when it launched last April, and not just because of its eye-catching ingredients list. The vegan formula uses heart-shaped fibers to lengthen lashes without creating clumps, with the cannabis oil filling in the fibers for extra volume. The much-loved $24 mascara landed a spot on Sephora's 2018 best-seller list, too.

Courtesy of Milk Makeup

Sold in Milk Makeup's signature stick applicators, the Lip + Cheek tint and famous Cooling Water de-puffer both retail for $24. Lip + Cheek shows off Milk Makeup's cool, effortless aesthetic — the color tint can be swiped on your lips, cheeks, or anywhere you want to look warm and rosy. However, if this is your first time shopping Milk Makeup and you can only pick one product, go with the Cooling Water caffeine stick; it's been a cult hit since 2016, and inspired the recently released Cooling Water Eye Patches ($22).

Below, the seven best-selling Milk Makeup products of 2018, in order of most sold. And don't forget: While the brand is huge online, you can always go to your local Sephora to test out Milk Makeup's cosmetics IRL.

1. KUSH High Volume Mascara

KUSH High Volume Mascara


Milk Makeup

Get all the volume of a fiber mascara with the added benefit of conditioning cannabis oil.

2. Blur Liquid Matte Foundation

Blur Liquid Matte Foundation


Milk Makeup

This foundation is formulated with moisturizing hyaluronic acid, making it a great matte finish choice for those with dry skin.

3. Lip + Cheek

Lip + Cheek


Milk Makeup

Available in five different shades, this moisturizing lip tint doubles as a natural-looking blush.

4. Flex Concealer

Flex Concealer


Milk Makeup

Milk Makeup used marshmallow root powder — the same ingredient traditionally used to make marshmallows — to create a concealer that moves with your skin.

5. Blur Stick

Blur Stick


Milk Makeup

Milk Makeup's pore-blurring matte primer is made without silicone, yet still creates a smooth canvas for your makeup.

6. Cooling Water

Cooling Water


Milk Makeup

Ever wish you could take your favorite de-puffing ice pack with you when you leave the house? Cooling Water is basically that, and won't melt all over your purse.

7. Sunshine Skin Tint

Sunshine Skin Tint SPF 30


Milk Makeup

Available in eight shades, the unique packaging keeps the preservative-free, lightweight foundation fresh.