The Major Hair Trend From Milan Fashion Week You’ll Want To Try ASAP

John Phillips/WireImage/Getty Images

If London is where eccentric beauty thrives, and Paris is home to the chic, effortless variety, Milan Fashion Week falls somewhere in the middle. There are always examples of sleek, sophisticated beauty trends, of course. But the designers who show in Italy are never afraid to have a little fun — especially with the way they style the hair for their fashion shows. Sculptural updos and theater-appropriate wigs are as at home as voluminous blowouts and beachy waves. The beauty is never just one singular thing — and that fact was apparent in the best hair looks from Milan's Fall/Winter 2020 shows.

The trends we're seeing out of the city now are equal parts wearable and fantastical, ranging from glitter-filled strands to slicked-back styles. But another interesting style was also cropping up: androgynous hair. Instead of celebrating all things female, designers were happy to sprinkle in a bit of masculine energy. Given the current conversations about gender-neutral clothes being the wave of the future, it's refreshing to see beauty trends moving in that direction, too.

Whether you're looking to update your go-to style, or are interested in playing with something new, there's a hair trend from Milan that will tickle your fancy. Ahead, find the best three out of the city.

MFW Fall/Winter 2020 Hair Trend: Statement Hair


Seen at: Emilio Pucci, Marni

Get the look: This season in Milan, it wasn't just the clothes making a statement. With glitter and spray paint in the strands, creative manes took center stage. At Emilio Pucci, lead hairstylist Jawara blew the hair out using Dyson hair tools before stenciling shapes into a handful of models' manes. "When I was young, I idolized Lil' Kim," Jawara told Vogue. "She was one of the main style icons that turned me onto fashion. I thought it would be cool to recreate one of her most iconic looks in a modern way."

Things at Marni, on the other hand, had a more glittery vibe. Lead hairstylist Julien D'ys slicked models' manes down with water and gel before applying a flurry of sparkles along the grown and down models' faces. It was a sparkly way to close out the week.

MFW Fall/Winter 2020 Hair Trend: Androgynous Side Parts

Victor VIRGILE/Gamma-Rapho/Getty Images

Seen at: Versace, Etro

Get the look: Binary hair was the look du jour this season, making way for an army of sleek, slick, masculine-looking side parts. At Versace, lead hairstylist Guido Palau opted for boyish low ponytails. "It’s a nod to the boyish feeling that Donatella was looking for,” he told Vogue. To achieve the look, he blew the hair out with Redken's No Blow Dry Cream, gathered it in a low ponytail, and sprayed it down with hairspray. A clip-in extension that was razored into bangs gave added flair.

Jill Sander opted for a similar low ponytail, which paired beautifully with a wine-red lip. But the focal point was, of course, a slick, deep side ponytail.

MFW Fall/Winter 2020 Hair Trend: Sculptural Updos

Pietro D'Aprano/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Seen at: Fendi, Moschino

Get the look: The higher the hair, the better the look: That must have been the motto backstage in Milan. At Fendi, lead hairstylist Sam McKnight told Vogue that he was inspired by pictures of sweets. “We ended up looking at pictures of pastries…braided loaves, cinnamon buns, and pretzels,” McKnight said. “And not literally, but just as an inspiration. We wanted to take the bun a bit further. Have fun with the bun!” To achieve the look, he slicked the hair up with a cocktail of his very own Modern Hairspray and a bit of Cock Grease Pomade. The braid was achieved with an extension, and then wrapped around the head.

Moschino, on the other hand, took its cues from Marie Antoinette. Models sauntered down the runway in dresses made to look like cakes and pastries. And the hair? Some up-to-there wigs that the ill-fated queen might have worn herself.