8 L.A. Girl-Approved Nail Designs That Deserve Some California Love


There's something about the West Coast that is just effortlessly cool, laid back, and very chill especially Los Angeles. Even die-hard New Yorkers, clad in their monochrome tones, are susceptible to falling for the jeans and T-shirt uniform that's synonymous with California. That covetable, barely-even-tried vibe is the same from head to toe... and it's true for nails, too. Los Angeles nail art designs are some of the most innovative in the country — full of color, unstructured lines, shapes, and your occasional fruit every now and then.

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“Having fun with your mani is back in," Sarah Gibson Tuttle, CEO and founder of Olive & June in L.A., tells The Zoe Report. "Especially telling a story across a few nails." This especially holds true today, with art being requested to reflect political and social expressions, historical art trends, and so much more. But if you want to keep it simple, Tuttle says that simple manis are still highly-requested and just as trendy. “Our clients are also loving sheer, barely-there manis with less pink, but still chic!”

Ahead, see the top nail art that L.A. girls are California loving this summer.

Minimal Abstract Art

Hey, Nice Nails!

At the Hey, Nice Nails! salon, nail art inspired by abstract artists from the early 20th century, like the Picasso mani above, is a popular trend. Line art faces or Matisse-inspired leafy cutouts are among this trend, too. "We think these looks go best on a sheer nude color or over a clear natural nail," founders Virginia Escobar and Donne Geer share.

Smooth Lines


"Clean and simple lines to sail into summer are most popular," says Mary Lennon and Leah Yari, co-founders of côte. "Smooth lines and geometric designs are so chic."

Political & Social Expression

Hey, Nice Nails!

"With the country and world feeling so tumultuous, expressing your political and social beliefs in your nail art has become increasingly popular and will continue to be as election time nears closer," Escobar says. LGBTQ nails for pride month have also been a big request this month. "Art representing trans rights and female reproductive rights are on trend and on message," Geer adds.

Fruity Nails

Courtesy of Olive & June

Fruity nail art for summer is always fun — but the fear of the look coming off as juvenile is understandable. "If you're feeling less cutesy, negative space shapes add dimension," Tuttle suggests.


Hey, Nice Nails!

It's clear that the neon makeup trend isn't going anywhere, and nails aren't an exception to the new rule. "The brighter the better for summer!" Escobar and Geer says. "Pairing neon colors with a nude to match your skin tone or touches of black will make the colors look even brighter."

Tie-Dyes & Color Splashes

Courtesy of Color-Camp

Tie-dye is slowly emerging as the nail trend of the summer Kylie Jenner even posted her take on the look a few days ago. "We're loving understated tie-dyes in retro shades and swirly abstract color splashes it's a great look for when you just can't pick one color," Lauren Caruso, the founder of Color Camp (who has no relation to TZR's managing editor) tells me.

Fresh Lemons

Courtesy of Bellacures

Nothing is reminiscent of summer like fresh, delicious lemons. This festive blue, yellow, and green mani is almost as good as a freshly-squeezed glass of the good stuff.

Tangerine Dream

Courtesy of Color-Camp

"Orange is a color our clients can't get enough of right now," Caruso says. It looks great with a matte finish or paired with champagne gold accents, as displayed above.