This $33 Lip & Cheek Tint Changed My Entire Stance On Makeup


As a beauty maximalist, I've never been particularly keen on multi-use makeup. I'm one of those people that literally needs to see troves of products to feel like my beauty routine is adequate. Yes, I know, extra. However like many of my fellow beauty lovers, the change of pace during quarantine actually opened my eyes to the benefits of products that operate with more than just one function, and simplify rather than complicate. In short, I've gotten a bit lazy. So a chance encounter with a lip and cheek tint from Trinny London really couldn't have come at a more opportune time.

It's not that I've ever had anything against lip and cheek tints — it was just that I always preferred the more-is-more approach. For my cheeks, I'd use blush, and for my lips, I'd use a gloss or lipstick. But with influx of Zoom calls, paired with me in my pajamas, and frankly, no desire to get dolled up, the hybrid product, Lip2Cheek, has been a lifesaver for helping me appear even a bit presentable. Some tints, due to their matte nature, aren't very malleable. Trinny London's formula, however is the opposite. Applied with my pointer finger, it goes wherever I want it to without resulting in too much color payoff. You know when you apply way too much blush and you're tasked with having to mute the color? I don't have to worry about that.

Blake Newby

When it comes to color, I gravitated toward Cha-Cha, a radiant yet subtle coral that brilliantly complements the undertones in my skin. I've never been too big on lots of color on my face, and Cha-Cha strikes the perfect balance between my love for understated hues, while still adding dimension to the skin. So these days, rather than a full 45-minutes, my makeup routine has been cut down to 30 seconds. I apply a swipe on my lips and my cheeks and am on my merry way.

And I'm going to let you all in on a secret: I love the product so much that not only have I've incorporated it into my rare but still existent full-face makeup routine, applying my foundation, concealer, and powder, finishing it off with Cha-Cha, I've also begun experimenting with other lip and cheek formulas.

Check out some that I've been loving ahead.

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