KKW Fragrance Is Launching A New Candle To Celebrate Kris Jenner’s Birthday — & It Smells Just Like Her

KKW Fragrance is launching a new candle for Kris Jenner.

There are few decorative items and self-care tools more mood-boosting than a good candle — it's warming, relaxing, and truly makes the atmosphere when you're drawing a bath. Now it seems that Kim Kardashian's fragrance brand has caught on to the public's growing love for burning wax. Launching the new KKW Fragrance x Kris candle just in time for the matriarch of the Kardashian-Jenner clan's birthday, the company is expanding their fan-favorite scents into the corners of your home once again.

With Kris Jenner's birthday tomorrow, there's no better time to launch a product in honor of the supermom. Dropping Nov. 5, the candle will be modeled after the KKW x Kris fragrance that was released in April 2020 in both looks and scent. The vessel will retail for $25, but you can get a bundle of both the fragrance and candle for $60.

Like the perfume, the scent features floral notes of freesia and marigold, which intermingle with a tangy twist of Aperol spritz. To mellow it out and make it feel warmer, cashmere woods makes an appearance. Altogether, the notes make for a scent that's as equally light and vibrant as it is sophisticated and comforting.

This shift to candles may be here to stay, too. While KKW Fragrance usually sticks with spray bottles, it did launch a product of this type in September 2019 — a candle version of its Crystal Gardenia perfume, but the KKW x Kris version may be a sign that it's one of many to come. According to an NPD survey, nearly half of fragrance wearers are wearing perfumes and colognes less, and home fragrance popularity has risen by 85 percent in the last 12 months.

While a new fragrance is always a treat, there is something so soulfully recharging about a candle. Similar to a hug from a mom, candles warm you up inside and out. And in especially difficult, tumultuous times, a candle may not be the answer, but it's certainly beneficial to making your home a more comforting place. The brand had this self-care modality in mind while creating it, so while it celebrates the foundational support system of the founder's family, it gives you a chance to create a compassionate space for yourself, too.

Head to KKW Fragrance's website on Nov. 5 to shop the new candle and cozy up your living quarters.